The father of the two brothers who apparently responsible for the Boston Marathon terror bombings is saying thathis sons were set up:

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Of course, you can't have any bombing or other national tragedy without the conspiracy theorists! If not for this, the event wouldn't stay as interesting for as long as it does. So, what would happen, if say, those kids were being set up? What if it were our own government who was responsible for this? What does that really say about the US? I think the kids are scapegoats, but not for our own country being responsible for the acts. I think the FBI needed someone to pin it on fast, and these kids were the easiest targets... that being said, it still doesn't explain why they would have explosives and such when they were confronted... and just for the record, I haven't been following the news all that much, because it sickens me the way our media gets 'stuck' on things like this... damn I thought people would get tired of Jodi by now, but nope... daily coverage through HLN... what the hell!?! So, my opinion comes from the limited coverage I have seen and conversations on the internet (And we all know that they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true! JUST KIDDING!) Ok, I've said my piece. Now I'm done.

I wonder what the purpose of a government conspiracy would be in this case. It could be benevolent by showing the asshole bigots that some Muslims look just like "normal" Americans. That might be worth sacrificing four lives and 150+ injured, right? Although it might backfire into having the asshole bigots cast an even wider net. ;)

If you're going look at it like that, maybe a motivation could be more about who the victims were than who did it. I seriously don't feel the conspiracy theory in this though.

"About who the victims were?" Are you implying that the government had a list of people it wanted to see injured or killed in two separate explosions and somehow managed to get those people in the right place at the right time? Or that the government simply has some sort of "thing" against marathoners?

Here is one already


The Boston Bombings in Context: How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists"

So stupid

You guys are going to love this

Beck Gives Obama till Monday to admit Boston Bombing was inside job

That's verrrrrrry interesting because Beck has been screaming for years that we are going to have a Beslan-type incident here someday as the muslims decide to hit us with something truly awful (the schoolchildren to be raped en masse, the slightly older ones drafted to help the holed up terrorists resist the police assault, etc.)

please don't tell me you are actually Beck fan.

Where did he say it was in inside job? I see someone gave the video that headline, but I didn't hear the words come out of Beck's pie hole. 

Could be. I think he was talking more about the "Saudi Man" that Alex Jones and info wars are circling around about the Saudi being apparently "deported" and the implication that he is some how related to the boston bombings and Obama is trying to hide the fact.

These are insane kooky conspiracy theories.

FOX news identified one of the bombers as Zooey Deschanel:

This Alex Jones one


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