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I hope some of you have watched this series 'Ancient Aliens'.  I bring it up here, because the 'experts' that are interviewed remind me of supposed experts in the fields of creationism and relgion.

Have any of you watched it?  Like a fking train wreck, I try but I can't look away!  For those who haven't seen it, 'experts' on possible ancient extra-terrestrial visitors discuss how certain hard-to-explain structures or works of art may have come to be.

Take the Egyptian pyramids for example.  An expert will claim something such as "there is simply no way that people 5,000 years ago could have built these pyramids", without any real explanation as to WHY they could not have done it, and immediately jump to the conclusion that they must have been visited by super intelligent aliens who gave them the technology and engineering expertise needed to build such a thing.  They go further and surmise that the reason for the mysterious air shafts running through the Great Pyramid were possibly hydrogen refueling stations for alien spacecraft.  They then provide absurd drawings and examples of how such a thing would work.  They never seem to ask the logical question: why did the aliens stop helping us?  why/how did we lose these technologies?  why is it that the aliens would teach ancient egyptians how to build a hydrogen storage and refueling station, but none of the technology of how to build a hydrogen fueled craft of their own was ever passed on?

It reminds me very much of a believer blindly following what they read in (or are told is in) the bible.  Not thinking for themselves.  Not using REASON.

I really don't know where I am going with this post, just curious what, if anything, others here might think about this show and creationists/believers/blind faith in general?


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Lol, I watched it.  It was pretty funny.  With all those aliens out there, shouldn't we be taken over by now??--where's Mulder when you need him.....
yeah...I've seen this. It's ridiculous but not very surprising.
No kidding!  If you are anywhere within spitting distance of a christian holiday you get a 3 day marathon of shows about the life of Jesus.  Maybe they need a sub-network called "The Imaginary History Channel"!
I love these kinds of shows and find them very compelling - at least as thought experiments.  There are HUGE holes in our scientific knowledge and it's wonderful to ponder the sorts of things that could fill the gaps.  I really wish that more of these shows would delve more into interesting scientific enigmas rather than just throwing together scientific straw men, though.
You're right, nothing but straw men.  If they could first explain their premise that egyptians could NOT POSSIBLY have built the pyramids, or the Incans the Nazca lines, etc...that would be a start.  And then fill in the blanks from "i don't get it" to "it must be aliens".
These "experts" probably don't realize that as cool as Stargate is it's not real. :)
Whenever I hear someone claim that the Egyptians couldn't have built the pyramids, I can't help but feel that the person has never done any hard physical labor.
yep, that's why it's hilarious lol
Right, and how come the aliens, like god, only show themselves in the past when we didn't have cameras to take pictures.  I'm sure god could make a lot of money with his alien friends if he distributed his picture and theirs.  Now, that would be proof!  I'd join a religion right away!   Just show me a few miracles and magic tricks and I'll follow you anywhere.

The whole idea of ancient aliens building the pyramids is an insult to humanity! The Egyptians had the same ability to think and reason that we do today. Their brains were no different. It's sad to see the History Channel airing this sort-of-history pseudo-scientific crap! 

You mean this sort of anti-intellectual faux-historical counter-scientific bullshit?


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