I am genuinely curious what you all think of this...


Please watch the video and then....what are your thoughts?

I do not yet know my opinion except that I definitely see that in my own dating life in the past, I never felt in control.... I think there could be some truth to this....Im just not sure lol

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Interesting debunk article, thank you for that...
Wow. Just wow. If womens sexual liberation is having a negative effect on the stability of society, don't you think that society must be built on incorrect foundations? Slavery was argued for as economic necessity - should we revert to that era too?

If you support Trump you are more likely to want a return to slavery. That vid is so filled with propaganda.  Aint apologetics fun? Lets see. You get to start with a conclusion, disregard contrary evidence and spin until you are dizzy.

I am noticing that you seem extremely vulnerable to propaganda that supports a worldview you at least lately, seem to be trying to adopt.

So, either you were always religious, but tried to be atheist to conform to someone else's influence/desire to mirror, or, are now doing the same thing, but to mirror someone with opposite worldviews.

You are starting to remind me of that Julia Roberts movie where she conforms to whatever guy she's dating, and never really decides for herself...until the end, where, finally, she does.

I hope that one day, you too, get to the end of your movie.


I'm not trying to mirror anyone anymore. I'm just asking questions.

What about that christian man you were seeing? Here's the timeline of events from my point of view:

  1. Belle is an atheist
  2. Belle starts seeing a christian man
  3. Belle becomes a christian
  4. Belle posts articles/videos from places like churchpop.com

Do you think you would be a christian right now if you met an atheist? or a buddhist? or a muslim?

I was never dating a Christian man. And no you just don't get it. It has nothing to do with men. I actually saw this on a friend of mine's Facebook page and it got me thinking about what sort of standards women uphold for themselves. It's like the old Dr. Phil saying, "You teach people how to treat you."....So I do think there is some truth to the video. Where I grew up women were and still are expected to be easy. And most of us are. The culture is full of machismo and male entitlement and it's very hard to find men who are not like that. Women who don't put out quick are dropped so easily for someone who will. It has been that way since I was young and is still that way. So yes if the social norm was that a man had to actually put forth some effort and be a real gentleman and actually show some sincerity before I'm expected to open my legs I think that would be a very refreshing reality.

The questions are what I am talking about, and, you do say "anymore", so, at least you are cognizant of the issue, which is smart.


IE: The questions you were asking/are asking, tend to reflect a pattern, and its that pattern I was referencing.


My initial opinion, pausing at 33 seconds, is that it is going to be a “bait and switch” argument. The premise would appear to be about contraception but it starts off contrasting falling marriage rates with dating site revenue increases. I do not (yet) see the correlation between them or if there is one, how it relates to contraception. I suspect the “switch” will be some apologist taking about “morals” or at least preparing to tell us all about the benefits of Christian values at a later stage.

Ok the next minute has some vulgar stereotypes of both men and women. The analogy to pesticides is wrong. The supply and demand arguments are just juvenile.  Why the bullshit “Austin Institute” name. They call it Social Science research? Please, the two of them need to get laid.

You never fail to have the most thought-provoking comments I've ever seen in a Forum.

I'm at work so I'm not going to watch it, but I'm assuming it's about how the pill allowed women to devalue sex, and then explain how economic principles of supply and demand led to the current (allegedly ruined) state of relations between the sexes.

It's an interesting theory, but I'm pretty sure women as a whole were not and are not part of some global sex cartel. Also, if my assumption above is correct, this isn't an argument against "oral contraception", it's an argument against female reproductive control.


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