Allow me to introduce myself. I want to share a discovering with everyone.

Hello, guys.

I am new to the forums and would like to introduce myself.

I'm a religious researcher.

I recently finished writing a book regarding religious matters, with a huge potential to cause a stir, and since I know that due to my proposal I will be attacked by fundamentalist zealots and blind believers, I'm working on building contacts with open minded people who could support me in this enterprise.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not exactly an atheist. The reason why I’m here is because I do prefer an honest atheist than a hypocrite believer. It is impossible to argue with blind believers when it is about questioning religious dogmas.

I'll later start a discussion about my book. I'm trying to get it published.
Keep in touch if you feel interested. I have plans to give away the book for free in places like this forum.
Thank you!

PS: I've read the RULES and I know about the advertising restrictions. I DID NOT COME HERE TO ADVERTISE NOR TO SELL ANYTHING!

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Welcome to the site Adrian. By claiming you are not an atheist we are lead to assume you hold some form of supernatural beliefs. Visitors that claim not to be atheists often tell us later that “I am not religious, I just have a personal relationship with Jesus”. We look forward to your research questions and will give you honest answers but it would us help to know more about the beliefs of the person asking them.

Hello Adrian! What is a religious researcher? Do you focus on a specific religion or are you researching across the board? Do you include dead gods? Gods are a bit like tinker bell- they die when not enough people believe in them. Personally, I miss Zeus the most, although I think I'd have quite liked Mithras - he seems to have invented Christmas so kudos to him for that.

So, you ignored the contradictory evidence which falsified the belief, and used confirmation bias to allow you to only weight evidence in favor of your hypothesis...gotcha.

How did you reconcile the fact that the ONLY source of Jesus's existence as son of god is from church supplied documentation, and that there is no historical record of his existence NOT provided by the Church as evidence...relative to the claim that he was the son of god?


This fact, combined with the KNOWN evidence of the church lying and being wrong, making up artifacts and fake evidence, attributing sources they invented to anonymous scraps of documents, and so forth, their VOTING on whether Jesus was a man or god or both, etc, VOTING on whether his MOTHER'S HYMEN was intact or not, etc...(Nicaea) and the other obvious evidence for the religion being invented?


The only source of the belief coming from a source claiming THEY are god's representative here on earth...despite evidence that either they were faking it or god did not know the earth went around the sun, or thought seeing striped things made a pregnant mom give birth to striped offspring, etc?


IE: RESEARCH is, if performed properly, with the scientific method, used to prove the null hypothesis, and falsify the hypothesis, NOT to only consider evidence in favor of a preformed conclusion.

You are SUPPOSED TO design an experiment that will attempt to DISPROVE your idea, and, if it CAN'T be falsified, then, and only then, for you to have at least attempted scientific rigor.


The 1960 study showed that 90% of all child rapists with TV sets watched Howdy Doody as children.

The Howdy Doody show was found to feature young children.  

Further studies showed that rapists who raped children preferred to watch children, and fantasize about raping them.

Howdy Doody was obviously warping the children's minds, and causing them to grow up to rape children.

We therefore recommend cancellation of the Howdy Doody Show to protect our youth from rapists.


100% of people who grew up to rape children drank milk when they were children.

Studies show that watching children during any activity, including while they drank milk or ate meals, etc. is a preferred activity of rapists who rape children.

To protect our youth from rapists, we recommend that the drinking of milk by minors be immediately banned.

And so forth.

A GOOD study would look at the statistics that support the null hypothesis, and see the proportion of the general population that drank milk and did NOT rape children, or watched Howdy Doody and did NOT rape children...

...and would have found that only looking at SUPPORTING evidence can lead to false conclusions.

Food for thought.


Ok, thanks for that. So are you a “religious researcher” as in you study the physiological effects of it or the historical aspects on how religions compare or contrast to each other? I would be interested in reading more on the evolutionary reasons behind it too. Or are you just a “Bible researcher” and have not considered the Quran or Torah and Talmud?  

Looking forward to hearing more about your hypotheses... you've been vague so far and it's creating an air of mystery.

"'s creating an air of mystery."

OR an air of Book/Selling, depending on a person's existing mindset.  I'm leaning toward the B/S position.


"I’ll be honest with you, "

I find it difficult to trust people who start a conversation with this line.

I start looking for the smoke and mirrors.


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