I am curious what you all think about a city that is only only for science. No religious institutions are allowed to be built in the city. Science and free thinkers only.


The best example I could give would be a island similar to the show "LOST" Or perhaps even the video game Bio Shock (with out the crazy stuff) Yes I have a 360! Or hell, even SeaLab 2021 they implode in every episode!


Would a city of this stature ultimately implode just like Lost and Bio Shock/SeaLab 2021? Yes I know those shows are sci-fi. But really!


I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts oh this science/atheist city!


The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?

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Well, if the laws aren't being broken, I don't have any problem with anybody, regardless of their preferences, but I would have to know those laws to be a little more specific.


I'm sorry if I haven't made myself understood... I may have said it in this discussion too, but I have said it many times that if everybody that wants to belong to a religion, that wants to believe in a god, would get to that religion and to that god by knowing where the line is drawn between facts and fiction, and not being influenced by others in making such a decision, and in return not influencing themselves other people, and they would not affect others at all based on their beliefs, I would not even think about religion, unless it would be mentioned by another person. If someone knows that so far all the evidence does not support the existence of a god, but still wants to believe there is a god, and there is an afterlife for them, that's fine. I don't care at all. I would care if it would be someone close to me, and I would try to understand that person's reasons, but, otherwise, I wouldn't even think about it. That's what I really have in mind when I think of what the most ideal environment to live in would be.


I haven't broken any rights so far, and I don't plan to ever do it, unless an extreme situation will arise - you never know.


I would want to get rid of those that cause damage to this planet and to others based on their religion and/or because their god asks them to. When I say 'get rid of' I don't think about killing them, I'm thinking about rehabilitation, because they would break the law(s), and because I do care about all people. Theists, religious people... these are just labels. What would you call the people I have described? I don't want to generalize, so I just described them.


And how can an atheist be religious? I only know two meanings of the word 'religious' and the only one that makes sense is that an atheist is extremely scrupulous. Is that what you meant? If not, please let me know what you really meant by that, because the other meaning of the word doesn't fit well next to the word 'atheist'. Unless you're trying to fool people for your own advantage, you can't have belief in a god or teach religion and be an atheist. For me, that doesn't make any sense, unless we're talking about a really specific situation.

Intellectual honesty does not necessarily correlate with IQ. (What is IQ anyway? Even the Intelligent Design community can't tell you that.)


Yes, people must have equal rights to acquire information, to express opinions, etc. But I must stress (even if this is an atheist forum) that no belief holds any kind of value. If we were to be contacted by a being of powers in the scale of the supernatural, well, then I would retreat or die from a terminal world view collapse. (Since just occurrence wouldn't allow for experimentation, yet it would be obvious for everyone.)


So, it's not about free thought or close mindedness. It's sticking to a method of gaining information which has served us well so far (and this method even allows for the critique of itself, fyi). Because what's relevant is what's true.

I agree with you, Radu.
Not discriminate against believers, but against their institutions. No religion allowed. Privately or rather publicly they can believe whatever they want. We just use zoning laws to our advantage the way they do =).

This is an interesting idea, I've been thinking about it a lot myself.


First, I think it would be nice to create a city of some kind of territory which is based on the most modern and rational approach we can come up with. The main point of this wouldn't be just people being atheist and happy about it (everyone with a bit of intellectual honesty is an atheist), but trying out unorthodox, but scientifically supported ideas about the design of a city or society. Like, should it be egalitarian or stratified? Should it's economy utilize money, or some other form of resource distribution? (I think making money off of money is an idiotic concept, so that should be avoided at all costs.) How would aberrant behaviour, and thus the need for law and law enforcement be minimalized? What is the level of control needed, if you got the principles right?


I think every inhabitant of such a city must use the scientific method of deciding what's right or correct, and be perfectly aware of it.


I guess such a city would be better, but I can't really support it with evidence right now. Maybe it would be too rigid, clean and free of environmental stimulus, so it might not be ideal for humans, I don't know, but it certainly is an interesting thought experiment.


Oh, and you might like the concepts of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, if I may advertise them :)


Ah, and one more thing: in the secular (yet) country I live in, theist people are not as much a pain in the ass as they seem to be in the US, they are not really explicit about their stupidity here.

A city/region where science, rational thought, and skepticism were predominant would be nice. I agree with Radu that discriminating against theists would be a bad idea. Rather, be sure to set up the charter to support and maintain secular, rational ideals. No state support for groups that cannot provide a solid evidentiary basis for their purpose. Certainly no special treatment for irrational or unfalsifiable beliefs and their adherents. Make it a founding principle that it is permissible, nay, encouraged to question any and all ideas vigorously and that evidence needs to be provided to be taken seriously.

Basically, if a city is set up to be friendly to science and reason, then things like religion, spirituality, and supernatural woo of all stripes will naturally wither.

This is quite eerie lol, i was discussing this a few days ago with a friend on msn.

No stupid laws banning research into cloning and stemcel research.

How about something like that tv series eureka ? :)

The town could have free schools offering every study you would like (we could ask bill gates to sponsor this, he's an atheist can afford it hehe )

and no secrets in research, you could for example invent something and ask the community to help improve it.


Just a few things i could think off at the moment.

Wouldn't "Star City" Звёздный городо́к, Zvyozdny gorodok in the good ole USSR qualify?
I started to think about that there must already be an atheistic city in Russia somewhere and there you go :D

I actually wanted to write a story about that idea.

I started with a continent that rose in the middle of Pacific and it was discovered by a scientist that claimed it in the name of atheist so they all gather there and build a city.

After many years we see a life of a man that grew up in the city and became agnostic because he started to believe in god because of some strange logic and no one could prove him wrong. So they sent him into the forbidden library where he started to learn about religion and still he believed there must be a god, so they sent him into the world where religion still rules the lands to show him the true face of religion, but he was not interasted ni religion, only in god. So he tries to find other spiritual agnostic like himself but all he could find were strange hippies on drugs that told him about chakras, chi and bioenergy which was again something he didn't believe in. and so f*ucking on.

The moral of the story is: what to do with people that became agnostic or religious inside atheistic exclusive society, because I think this would happen at some point in time, it's natural for people to make up logical errors

The moral of your story makes no sense. Your story may be interesting if written well, but what's the point of that moral? What problem would you have with a person that wants to believe in a god, but doesn't care for any religion? Aren't we against all the bad religion has done and still does? If a person that has researched and lived amongst religious people and atheists, still wants to believe in a god, fine. Why should that interest me at all if I don't even know that person? And I'm sure there are even now some people like that. I don't really care. I care if there still are people that are doing bad things in the name of their god and/or religion. That's all. If those people wouldn't exist, I wouldn't even think about religion unless mentioned by someone else.

As usual you are overthinking it.

The point of this topic is an all atheistic community, and my antiquestion is what if in this all-atheistic world a person becomes agnostic and stubborn? So we don't have all-atheistic community any more, and we can't change this non-all-atheistic community into all-atheistic community... now I'm overthinkining it.


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