I am curious what you all think about a city that is only only for science. No religious institutions are allowed to be built in the city. Science and free thinkers only.


The best example I could give would be a island similar to the show "LOST" Or perhaps even the video game Bio Shock (with out the crazy stuff) Yes I have a 360! Or hell, even SeaLab 2021 they implode in every episode!


Would a city of this stature ultimately implode just like Lost and Bio Shock/SeaLab 2021? Yes I know those shows are sci-fi. But really!


I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts oh this science/atheist city!


The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?

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Perhaps we can get our atheist buddy Bill Gates on board!

Dark ages or not, they would still be jealous and they would still do anything they can to ruin it for us too.


A small community does sound great. I guess a group of people can do that, but when it comes to cities and states, it would be very difficult to leave in peace.


The bigger question is: Would people give up everything and everyone they have and know, to start all over again in, most likely, a different country or at least a different state? Some are too old to do that, and would much rather spend what time they have left enjoying and doing the best they can with what they have left and with what they have gathered their entire lives. I am still very young and it's hard even for me to cut any connections with some people. I did it with my father, which is a religious nut, and even then it was hard and it still is. But it would be a nice little adventure to try with a few people, building a community. Like I've said, for a big community, you would need a lot of money, first of all for protection from the rest of the world which would be 100% religious and willing to get rid of us, then for building houses, schools, hospitals, etc. How will you earn money in an isolated community? If you have a qualification as a, let's say pilot. a race car driver, you're a former minister, etc. , what would you do in such a community? You can't just isolate yourself from the rest of the world without great consequences. Something like this has to be thought over and over and over again. Who would govern that community? I'm sure there would be a fight for power, even in such a community. It's a too quixotic idea to make it happen.


The best solution is to just take control of an actual community, and turn it into a religious-free community, which would mean ban all the religious people. That's more likely to succeed. Let's move to Sweden or Estonia, or some country that is already pretty much religious-free. That would have more chances of succes than starting from scratch.

Very true. Only a few atheists would join simply because the others already have lives somewhere else. Moving from a well paying job in the city to a small town (albeit populated by atheists) where you cannot practice your particular skill set would discourage many.

I actually agree, if all atheist gathered in one place it would be easier for THEM to bomb us in one clean swoop. And if we are all over the world we can submerse our viewpoints and achieve anything :D

Indeed, it would be cool... to some extent.


But I don't think they would implode just because there is no religion in them. That's absurd. Off course, they would be bombed by theists, that's for sure, and they would be an easier target, with no casualties from their side, which, in their opinion, will earn them extra points with the big man.


If it's not a religious-free world, a city doesn't change anything, at least not for me. An island would be even worse. Why should we run off to some isolated island when this entire planet is ours as much as it is theirs? That wouldn't help our cause at all. They would still be living on the same planet as we do, they would still do nothing to protect it, they would still kill each other, they would still want to exterminate us - with an even bigger chance of succeeding, they would still be religious, they would have 100% percent chance of brainwashing their children, etc.


Unless we do our best to find a way to go and live safely on another planet, anything else is useless. And to do that we need a lot of people with a lot of dough and a lot of balls. Sadly, our majority only has the latter.

You bring up some good points E.  I wish I could write more... I have to get ready to go to work...

The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?


It would not be that cool, because you would meet agnostics too. Or is it 'Just Atheists'? That would be cool. I don't like insecure people. :)

I wouldn't have a problem with a city that would accept religious people too, but religious people that had to read the books related to their religion like they really are, and that understand that all evidence points in the opposite direction, but still chose to believe and worship a god - but not to the point that it affects others. And I would make them all sign an agreement that they will not raise their children with that religion (or make a law that would make brainwashing children illegal), but let them choose what they want, also based on research. That would be the perfect living enviroment for me, not an atheist only city.

Yes, I believe in equality of rights as well, but I don't think it will ever get to violating a theist's rights into a religious-free city. It will be a religious-free city because only people that don't take religion and god serious would want to live there. From the beginning, you exclude religious people - or even better, religious people exclude themselves out of any city like that. There is no discrimination. So, if they don't want to move to a religious-free city from the beginning, why would any theist want to move to such a city after the community developed? That theist wouldn't stand a chance in such a community, and will end up either an atheist or gone from that city - he will not leave, he will run from that city, without anyone telling him to do it.


I think the best chance to have such a city is for a city whose majority (at least 75-80 % of the population) is not religious to attract other people that want to get away from their religious-packed cities.

I like the way you think.  =]

I would be fine with just living in a city with a MAJORITY of atheists and living among liberal theists.
The city in which I live now leaves a lot to be desired. Heck, the whole state leaves a lot to be desired.

Why are you afraid so much of discrimination based on bad thinking? It is like saying that the medical university discriminates against stupid and undereducated people when they select from the applicants. Yes, it does, and it is normal and necessary. If the applicant improves, he or she can get accepted.


A working, happy and sustainable (!) community of atheists would provide a great example for theists. Or it wouldn't, if space travel failed to do that.

Freethought is not composed only from free... that 'thought' in the end should be your clue. That's the whole point: the majority of the religious people haven't become religious by thinking and by reading how much they can, with an open mind, about their religion. They either inherited their religion or they found religion when they were at the bottom and saw it as the top of the hill.


Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that opinions should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason. If you research every religion, you don't get to the conclusion that the god you worship exists, and that there is any reason whatsoever to still be a part of that religion. You can be a freethinker and still think that there is a god, but, so far, there is no logical reason for someone to be a part of any religion and/or live your life based on that particular god you believe exists, while all the evidence points to the contrary.


And how is it freethought when you have been brainwashed even since before you were able to speak? Is that freethought? I don't think so. Like I've said, freethought means to form your opinions based on logic, on reason... After you do that, and still think or believe there is a god, fine. But, until then, you're just a zombie to me, that has no idea what's going on around you and the only thing you want is meat.


A close-minded community? What's more close-minded than living your life based on what other people tell you? Unless you take open-minded and close-minded literally, it's exactly the opposite.


And what religious person would want to live in a religious-free area? I keep reading about atheists complaining there are so many religious people in their area, and that they live in bible belts and all sort of things like this, why would it be different for a religious person? It doesn't make any sense.

Sure, I understand the need to protect everyone's rights, but I don't think it will come to violating someone's right. If you are one of the only religious people in an area, you leave before anyone can notice that you're one of the only religious people in that area. Religious people are confident because they know there are more delusional people like them that will always back each other up. It's the same with any type of person. If you have similar people to support you, you feel like you're Superman. Why do people that are different are so miserable? Because they don't have anyone to relate to, they have no one to understand and support them.


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