I am curious what you all think about a city that is only only for science. No religious institutions are allowed to be built in the city. Science and free thinkers only.


The best example I could give would be a island similar to the show "LOST" Or perhaps even the video game Bio Shock (with out the crazy stuff) Yes I have a 360! Or hell, even SeaLab 2021 they implode in every episode!


Would a city of this stature ultimately implode just like Lost and Bio Shock/SeaLab 2021? Yes I know those shows are sci-fi. But really!


I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts oh this science/atheist city!


The coolest part for me about a city like this is that there would be a true community. Where everyone you meet is atheist! How cool would that be!?

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Let me know when you've built the "Atheist city" .  I'd love to live there!  As long as I can get my meds.  I'm 62. LOL....
Very good post. I’m basically agreeing with Radu on his points.
In the future, most cities will be like that.
Do not you think it could be like a music with only one note?
Nope, not at all. 

While I like the idea of being surrounded mainly by atheists and free thinkers, I for one would not choose to live in a city which proposed something like this. I see this as abandoning the rest of the community.


I would much rather see the type of effort which would be involved in building such a city put into educating the young in critical thought. We need to teach more parents to encourage their kids asking questions and to have the answers, or at least if they don't to google them. Our society as a whole faces the problem of religion, and I don't believe abandoning one part is at all helpful.


We are currently heading towards a crunch of overpopulation, in a future world where the number of kids needs to be limited out of necessity, I would like to see some form of short course and test as part of being allowed to have kids. Nothing excessively hard, only something which makes people aware of what is actually required to look after kids that the kids have the best chances to actually think for themselves in their own life. If you teach a kid to think critically, the atheism part will come to most of them naturally.


While an atheist city would be fun, it's not in my opinion a socially responsible option. Online atheist communities like this one is probably the better option.

i would say: where is it, how do i get this and how much for an appartment :p


i think it would survive. it would also be alot more efficient i think.

less lost time, less arguments


although if it goes really good it might attract a lot of jealous religious ppl that want to see it gone

but nothing that good security wouldn't fix :)

I'd move there...sometimes you need to tear it down and rebuild starting from scratch. I'd say our species would benefit from that. The belief in god and the belief in souls give people this expectation that after they die there is something more waiting...if people all realized that what happens in this life and on this world is all that there is they might work harder to look after this place, remove our dependency to fossil fuels by creating and utilizing alternative energy sources. Maybe we could learn to become a phase 1 civilization as recognized in the kardashev scale. Thus protecting us from the possibility of extinction. We could build a city like one of these :Dhttp://www.stumbleupon.com/to/s/1tN2Yx

Awesome idea!


I've heard of this Austrian guy who tried something similar.

But instead of a single city he wanted a whole country exclusively for those who followed his idea.

I can't quite remember his name.


I will offer a free bow to the person who can tell me his name.

Fix me up with a job & a place to stay & I'm there \o/

PS - Access to the internet should be a right in the city.


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