Has anyone heard an argument like this before? (I came up with it on the way to work.)


It is logically possible for God to have brought into being creatures that were infinite like himself.


Instead God chose to bring into being finite creatures (namely us).


God’s actions here are analogous to a human choosing to have a disabled child rather than a perfectly healthy child.*


A mortal parent who made such a choice would be acting immorally.


Therefore God, an infinite being, in choosing to bring into being finite beings is being analogously immoral.


Therefore God is not good.


(* For the analogy to work the human parent would have to be free to bring into existence a healthy fetus or an unhealthy fetus but chose the unhealthy one.)


What do you think? 

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this is similar to Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson's argument on the concept of "stupid design"


Here are some other questions along these lines...  If God is all-knowing and all-powerful then why..


1. If fundamentalist Christians are the only ones to go to heaven, why did he KNOWINGLY create so many beings that were doomed to hell-fire?

2.If God is more loving, more compassionate, more forgiving than any human being then why did he create a universe with a built-in demand for blood sacrifice?   Why did he create a universe that was punitive only.. instead of rehabilitative?  Why is it One and done for all eternity?  Seems like the Hindu version of god is much more fair and compassionate in this respect.

3. If Adam and Eve were truly innocent then why judge them so harshly?   especially if he already knew what they were going to do?

4.  If a perfect God makes imperfect beings.. doesn't that imply an imperfection in Him?  I mean if before anything else existed ... HE WAS...  Then where does imperfection come from?

There are just tons and tons of questions that nobody really has a decent answer.

Good summary.

These are persuasive reminders that xianity requires people to be uneducated or gullible. Thanx.

Makes sense to me.


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