I got an email on facebook recently from some christian who asked the question

"If you're such an atheist, how come you celebrate christmas? It's a christian holiday, so you shouldn't celebrate it."

Well for one, I am pretty sure that the origin of christmas is NOT christian. Pretty pagan actually. It's awful christians actually believe the entire holiday of christmas is purely christian. The christians may have popularized the holiday...but it is DEFINITELY NOT a christian concept..

All that being said...Do you celebrate christmas? Do you call it christmas or holidays or xmas, etc?

I celebrate this holiday because I love the atmosphere of it all. The lights, the giving, the fun. It's a great time to get together, not necessarily worshiping an unlikely existent christian creator.

Again..All of my rants are mostly on christians because I do live in the USA after all...

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I celebrate the Solstice too.  I do xmas with family...while they're praying and making Christian, I'm reflecting on my own things.  I just say "Happy Holidays"--to be inclusive of non-Christian celebrants(celebrators???).  Also, I like sticking it to the hysterical "War on Christmas" types.

Have a fabulous Mithra feast day, you all!

Oh, yes, I forgot, could we have some bull riding with that on the side.

Actually, I celebrate the day BEFORE Christmas.  My brother and I have celebrated our relationship that way for 73 years.  There is not the slightest hint of religiosity attached to it.  Neither do we believe in Santa Claus, by the way.

Because I Love playing the Christmyth lottery...I re-gift the crap I got last year hoping to get something better...so far...zilch. :)

I celebrate it as an act of blasphemy. Like taking The Lord's name in vain.

More seriously, it's just a family thing for me. My family don't call themselves atheists, but most of them aren't terribly religious.


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