"Well, how's that 'no gun' thing going for ya?"

By latest count, ten have been killed and seven wounded according to the latest news reports. Read about it here.

Maybe we should discuss why someone who wants to kill mucho people might (a) disobey the no-guns campus rule and (b) why a no-guns location is a tempting "soft target" for a terrorist or a man with a gun and mayhem on his mind. 

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But I'm consistent: Don't ban any of those things is my view. It seems to be you and Davis who are inconsistent.

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Unseen...you need to sharpen your critical thinking skills a little better. We haven't been inconsistent at all. If we said the following:

Ban guns...yes

Ban gay discrimination...yes

Ban abortion...well wait...banning things doesn't stop anyone from getting abortions...

...then yes. We would be inconsistent. Neither I nor Simon have done this.

I...at least...and I am sure Simon as well...have one over arching principle when it comes to banning highly dangerous (for all) and mostly unnecessary objects/behavior without making arbitrary exceptions. The principle is...if it is highly dangerous and unnecessary...then ban it.

Point out a single case where we stated that some dangerous object/behavior shouldn't be banned.

Good luck

It would be an impediment to the law abiding citizens. Of course, you rightly point out why it wouldn't work.

Unseen you do know that in 2011 Oregon passed a bill that prohibited designating college campuses as gun free zones? So since it was not a gun free zone and in fact specifically allowed students to carry guns if they had a concealed permit maybe we should discuss where were all these good guys with guns and why they failed to stop the shooter?

You're right about the law, wrong on the application... 

"Under state law, people in Oregon could carry concealed firearms on college campuses like the one where a gunman killed nine people and wounded several others on Thursday. However, Umpqua Community College has been established as a gun-free zone thanks to a loophole in state law that has made every third-level institution in the state almost entirely gun-free. Here’s how that works." (read the rest here)

Fromreports I've rea, UCC allowed concealed carry with a legal permit on most of the campus. One armed student was interviewed by the media

I think someone explained in an interview that arms were allowed on campus but not in buildings and classrooms. Of course, if you're bent on mayhem you're not going to follow any rules. You'll just be counting on the "sheeple" to be unarmed.

Just a thought, one triggered  by our the observations of our 14 year old daughter as she read about the latest demonstration of gun ownership in the USA……………..

I wonder if the shootings at the Umpqua college in Oregon, USA are a consequence of the deep psychological legacy of white-European supremacy on and of the North American continent ? Since European settlement, oh hell let us call it what it was invasion and theft, of the continent, economic gains were obtained by "successful" enslavement and oppression of Africans and genocide of the indigenous peoples. I think that these very material gains in terms of wealth but also in terms of power created psychic rewards and psychic gratification which have added up to a near absolute belief in their entitlement to them.

If the genocidal bloodbaths were not enough the predisposition to violence was increased by victories after early colonial wars in the Philippines, belatedly jumping into two world wars and then regional wars where use of violence against pyjama wearing indigenous peoples outstripped even the world wars slaughtering millions of people and seizing control of the world via an extensive network of globe striding military basis. Could these cultural legacies be  moving in the unconscious of white Americans, a group constantly told to "fear the other" causing these mass shootings?

 I also wonder if this is also used to justify the unjustifiable wars and social injustice as well as. Using violence has clearly been so very successful in seizing and holding onto power for the white leadership of the country, behaving like a crazed armed bully is so obviously what the US government does every day so why should it not be a solution for any dispossessed white boy citizen of that country? 

Judith...that is an interesting idea...but then there is limited gun ownership in Canada and New Zealand which had the same nasty history as the United States. Weapons in these countries are mostly limited to hunting rifles (in most regions) and there is little gun culture (besides hunting rifles) or tolerance of gun fanatics.

As for fear the other...there certainly seems to be a lot more paranoia of impending doom, terrorism, war and people just waiting to break into your house and torture your family in the US. I at least notice this whenever watching American news and debating with Americans though I don't know of any research that confirms this. If it is true...then no doubt it would explain some of the lunacy behind gun culture in the U.S. and not in other countries with very similar history of cruel treatment and murder of aboriginals.

We could be on to something here. I have watched news sourcese from other countries, mainly Canada and Germany and they don't sensationalize tradegies theway American news does. Other countries will cover such tragedies factually and with a minimum o speculation, but the US media will milk it for all it's worth in an attempt to grab ratings.


When I lived in Ottawa...there were Canadian and American channels. I got to see local Ottawa news and local Rochester NY news as well (closest American city). Ottawa news could have it's grim moments...but it never left me feeling unsafe...or with the idea that no one can trust anyone...every business is trying to rob you and that war with some country is inevitable.

I have to say...after watching 30 minutes of local Rochester news...I was so stressed out, slightly paranoid of being alone on the street at night...and with the sensation that murder is everywhere.

That was 18 years ago...perhaps things have changed. 


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