"Well, how's that 'no gun' thing going for ya?"

By latest count, ten have been killed and seven wounded according to the latest news reports. Read about it here.

Maybe we should discuss why someone who wants to kill mucho people might (a) disobey the no-guns campus rule and (b) why a no-guns location is a tempting "soft target" for a terrorist or a man with a gun and mayhem on his mind. 

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It's my decision, my choice and if made rationally and not impulsively...it is no one elses right to stop me. If the right to personal autonomy means anything...it certainly means that!

I suppose when you commit suicide you're bailing on a lot of responsibilities. 

Of course, some people commit suicide as a statement, as having the last word, etc. It can be very selfish. One of my uncles had cancer and committed suicide by shotgun and my aunt found him when she came home from work. Not very thoughtful, that. I knew a clinical social worker who committed suicide by hanging herself in a beach house that was in dispute between her and her husband in a divorce. She sure got back at him. However, she certainly wasn't thinking of any of her patients, some of whom were dealing with suicidal thoughts. 

Apparently many suicidees convince themselves that their loved ones or immediate circle will be better off without them. It's probably cognitive dissonance but it is a process that many adopt in order to get past the devastation they might be inflicting.

My source is a psychiatrist, and also personal loss.

If you love someone and want them in your life, never be shy about saying so. If someone withdraws, if you haven't heard from them for a while, get in touch and say "Let's get together." That's probably much better than asking directly "Is anything wrong? Are you feeling down?"

People who are suicidal probably feel helpless. Suicide is a way to exert some power over their lives. An intervention of some sort—unless it's very successful—is likely to make them feel that the only way to be in control is to take it.

So, give yourself as a reason for them to stick around.

Good advice.

Ps I love you, Unseen, and I want you in my life :)


Thank you. You complete me. ;)

You are the wind beneath my wings

Aww shucks, guys :)

You are the wind beneath my wings

You had me at "You."

Ironically, when the wind is beneath your wings, that's when you're supposed to jump.



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