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I'm confused about morality

What makes something moral or amoral? I feel like we've had this discussion a million times on Think Atheist in some way shape or form. I s…

Started by Belle RoseLatest Reply


Some people seem to believe that atheists are hateful. They think we don't care about anyone or anything that we just sit around making fun…

Started by Redlilly PondLatest Reply

What is the Value of Punitive Justice?

Before I pose my question, I will clarify what I mean by 'punitive justice' in this context. 'Justice' means only the creation and enforce…

Started by kris feenstraLatest Reply

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The Impact of Secondary Christian Beliefs on Morals

Disagreements with my partner made me think about individual differences in how ex-christians become atheists and what defines their morals…

Started by maruli marulaki

0 May 14, 2020

Should you use your superweapon?

You are the leader of Country A, a land which is both free and democratic. You are being attacked by Country B, an aggressive dictatorship…

Started by Unseen

7 May 10, 2017
Reply by Jason Simko

Rape? Not rape?

If a male has sex with a female who is drunk, normally we would call it rape because she's unable to give informed (clearheaded) consent. B…

Started by Unseen

66 Apr 21, 2017
Reply by David Boots

A Problem in the Ethics of Relationship/Marriage Counseling

When I was studying philosophy, I became interested in the ethics of counseling, marriage and relationship counseling in particular. This p…

Started by Unseen

20 Feb 6, 2017
Reply by Unseen

Theology vs The Bible - Word of God?

I was sent this and even-though it was all over the place and avoiding the fact that people do bad things DIRECTLY because of their religio…

Started by fruyian

2 Sep 24, 2016
Reply by TJ

New YouTube videos

 I've had two discussions with Christian blogger, David Vogel, both concerning morality and religion. You can view them at the following lo…

Started by Casey Dorman

5 Sep 15, 2016
Reply by TJ

Where does moral responsibility come from?

...scientists have been on a rampage writing ill-considered public announcements about free-will which … in some case verge on social irres…

Started by Unseen

23 Jul 22, 2016
Reply by Unseen

Dallas cops killed the shooter by bombing him with a drone. Approve or disapprove?

The Dallas Police Department’s unprecedented use of an explosive-laden robot to kill an armed suspect ushers in a new phase in the militari…

Started by Unseen

30 Jul 14, 2016
Reply by Sehkmet

Monkey Business

Did you all see this?

Started by Belle Rose

82 Jun 26, 2016
Reply by MikeLong

Three Crucial Things You Must Know Before Challenging An Atheist’s Unbelief

I propose that there are three categories of atheists: 1. Natural Atheists: Those brought up by atheist parents who never experienced the…

Started by Atheist Ninja

9 May 30, 2016
Reply by lazurm


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