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What do you think of Ayurvedic Science?

It has been practiced for thousands of years in India... Have you experienced Ayurvedic healing? I'm thinking about trying it....there are…

Started by Belle Rose

15 Jan 17, 2017
Reply by Pope Beanie

An interesting argument against oral contraception

I am genuinely curious what you all think of this...

Started by Belle Rose

16 Jan 16, 2017
Reply by TJ

What is going to happen to our bodies?

I am SO appalled and scared to see where this nation is headed. What are we going to do as us women watch all the progress we have made go…

Started by Belle Rose

28 Jan 1, 2017
Reply by Davis Goodman

Are there creatures with semi evolved body parts present on the parent creature?

Are there creatures with semi evolved body parts present on the parent creature? In reply to this comment of which I find confusing:"people…

Started by fruyian

6 Jul 7, 2016
Reply by Gregg RThomas

An update on Richard’s condition in his own words.

An update on Richard’s condition in his own words. Richard recorded the following message to update everyone on his condition. https://ric…

Started by Stephen

2 Feb 14, 2016
Reply by Stephen

Meiosis to Mitosis - Evolution's unsolved riddle of the origins of sexual reproduction.

The one glaring gap in evolutionary theory that persists to baffle us is exactly how we went from asexual (meiosis) to sexual (mitosis) rep…

Started by Ed

26 Jan 29, 2016
Reply by TJ

Should 'personal belief' vaccine exemptions be allowed?

"Responding to an outbreak of measles that has infected more than 100 people, two California lawmakers said on Wednesday they would introdu…

Started by Gallup's Mirror

25 Feb 13, 2015
Reply by Ron Humphrey

The anti-vaccination crew. Karl Marx's new success story.

Anti-vaxxers, as some call them, are impervious to facts the same way extremely religious people are impervious to facts which conflict the…

Started by Unseen

0 Feb 2, 2015

Why do living things strive to continue?

We look around and everywhere, plants, animals...even microbial organisms struggle to live and reproduce. What is the motivation? Why does…

Started by _Robert_

40 Jan 7, 2015
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

Just an unfair advantage? Or a dangerous move by UFC?

I am an avid follower of Holly Holm because I know her personally. I cannot WAIT for the day that UFC matches her up with current bantamwei…

Started by Belle Rose

42 Oct 1, 2014
Reply by Belle Rose


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