Trump, a Fascist Christian Dictator Dumb Americans don't see 6 6 18

Those who don't know the past, are condemned to repeat it. Americans are under a Christian Nazi dictatorship and do not know it. Putin is very happy his Troj...

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Comment by Calpurnpiso on June 8, 2018 at 6:19pm

Mentally healthy aka atheist scientists as well as Christ Psychosis infected people do not realize we freak primates were all created by a spit of semen DNA from a penis making the penis our creator COCK, aka GOD.
Do you believe in COCK? would you accept Him as your libido savior and orgasm giver, making you pronounce His divine name by saying : OH GOD, YES.?
Don't you know His spit of Semen triggered the creation of the Brain which is the organ one creates thoughts with? 
Religion is one of the schizophrenias, a dangerous Brain HIV at the core of all neurological disorders that make the infected accept irrational imaginary friends, concepts, as true, Only the new born and very young have an excuse. Brain, the universe in our skulls, create Quantum Thought where past present and future are ONE, existing in many places at the same time.

Religion is a dangerous BRAIN HIV like Disease. I made this video in 2012.


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