The video I responded to is no longer available :-/

This video is for educational/commentary purposes and the use of the clips/images within it fall under the FAIR USE clause under section 107 of copyright law. This video DOES NOT violate copyright, as it provides criticism and commentary for educational/critical commentary purposes and thus makes it transformative in nature as well as noncommercial and does not serve as a substitute for the original video(s)/image(s) in response. Anyone is free to download and mirror this video for educational purposes only.

Credit to WildwoodClaire for pointing out some of Pinkie's faults in the comments to the original video.

Tags: ThinkingPinkie, PinkiePony, Thinking Pinkie, MLP ThinkingPinkie, atheism, philosophy, The Modern Atheist Idiot, philosophy, religion, skepticism, atheists, christians, christianity, troll video, video response, atheist video response, The Fantastic Skeptic, reason, logic, creationism, fundamentalist christians

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