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Comment by Dennis Paul Renner on November 10, 2009 at 9:44pm
If you believe in evolution then you have to accept what science has discovered about the human body and how it has evolved. The idea that primitive man ate a diet of primarily of meat is completely flawed. At best early man was an omnivore with the greatest part of his diet being plant based.
Let’s look at comparative anatomy of herbivores and carnivores. There are many similarities like they both have eyes but there are very distinct differences. First off herbivores have no claws; Carnivores have claws, and long sharp teeth on the end of a long snout for ripping and tearing hide and flesh. Herbivores molars are not pointed but flat for grinding. Herbivores jaws have the ability to move sideways to aid in there mastication. Carnivores and omnivores have very little sideways jaw movement and swallow their food whole. Herbivores have pores in their skin to perspire through; Carnivores perspire through the tongue to cool down their bodies. Carnivores have evolved very acid saliva with no enzymes for digestion. Herbivores have alkaline saliva with ptyalin enzymes to help digest fruits and grains. Carnivores have very strong hydrochloric stomach acid to help digest flesh. Herbivores have evolved stomach acid twenty times weaker than carnivores. Carnivores have evolved a relative short digestive track to pass the material through quickly. Herbivores have evolved very long digestive tracks in order to aid in extracting nutrition from plants.
Now let’s look at human anatomy and see how the human has evolved. Humans have no claws, their teeth are flat and their jaws move sideways for grinding and chewing their food before swallowing. Humans have pores in their skin that they perspire through to cool themselves. Humans have evolved hydrochloric stomach acid twenty times weaker than carnivores. Humans have alkaline saliva with ptyalin enzymes for digesting fruits and grains. Humans have evolved a very long digestive tract like all other herbivores.
When you examine how the human anatomy has evolved it is obvious that we are herbivores. There is a lot of scientific evidence but one of the most notable is that humans will generally become ill or dye when eating uncooked flesh like a wild carnivore. Humans do not contain the stomach enzymes that kill harmful bacteria and parasites that carnivores do.
The idea that animal protein produced larger brains in humans is absurd as well as completely un-scientific. Humans do not digest animal proteins well, and animal based foods cause many detrimental health problems for humans. Second because humans are anatomical herbivores we thrive on plant proteins. In order to have evolved successfully with certain herbivore anatomical characteristics, it clearly shows that we evolved on a plant based diet. Dennis Renner


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