Jim Allister MEP condemns the recent murders in Northern Ireland.
The Catholics-Protestants violence, reminds me of the Shiites -Sunnis violence .

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Comment by Mr. Anderson on February 24, 2011 at 9:32am

While  'the troubles' are obviously religiously fuelled, it doesn't tell the full story. A large part of the actions, from both sides, is simply about territory. Some is just thuggery and ignorance.

Britain's occupation of Ireland led to the divide of people when they split the country by only giving back 26 counties to the republic. It now just happens that Northern Ireland is mostly Protestant (because there are some Catholics there) and the Republic of Ireland almost entirely Catholic. The Catholics who live in the north get an awful time - some parents can't even walk their children to the school gate at times.

The fools who cause trouble (like intimidation as mentioned above) are largely just idiots and are going along with the 'customs'. They aren't necessarily doing it in the name of religion. Similarly, the IRA are mostly scumbags who have distorted the initial goal of the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood) which was to unite the country after British rule. The IRA are terrorists plain and simple and their actions get grouped under religion when it isn't necessarily their cause or reason.

Comment by Hope on February 24, 2011 at 10:55am


Thanks Anderson.

You reminded me of the situation in the Middle East..

yeah, it's all about occupation, that's what I expected too.

It's just like what's happening in Israeli occupation when they accused Palestinians as terrorist an anti-semitic..etc.. Just because they are demanding their Palestinian land

the Western media are not showing pictures of hundreds of dead  Palestinian children..

Who cares for those anti-semitic children !! = Theist concept !!




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