Angie the Anti-Theist responding to LibertyUalum07's latest video.

LIBERTYUALUM07 - I was scatter-brained today as I filmed this & neglect to thank you as well for the positive, polite conversation we've been having. I have enjoyed talking with you very much & look forward to your next video, dealing with the Old Testament stories of god.

For more information on slavery and rape in the Bible, check out these resources:
Christian site:
Atheist site:
Muslim site:

(I highly recommend the Muslim site to everyone, actually. I LOVE inter-faith counter-apologetics.)

My blog is and there I write about my childhood growing up in a cult. I also run a social network for cult survivors like me at

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Comment by DeSwiss on March 19, 2010 at 7:59pm
I always love watching your vids Angie, but I must say that you give Christians a lot more leeway than I ever would. Or could {residuals left over from my PK past, no doubt}.

Essentially, I think Christians are not only ignorant of their religion (and thus cannot adequately defend what they purport to believe), but they're basically just scared people. FEAR is what is at the center of religion and Christians fear not only the morally repugnant god you describe here, but what they fear the most is being in hell for eternity. Two concepts of which neither they nor anyone for that matter, can adequately define.

Once again Angie:

Comment by Reggie on March 19, 2010 at 9:05pm
Nice job!


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