Looking for a religion that will give you an excuse for being bad? How about a religion that will offer you a "pardon" for being bad? Then Christianity™ is for you! Never again will guilt nag you into affecting real positive change in the world. Choose Christianity™ for all of your laxity needs today!

*Note - At [1:10] - I characterize Ted Haggard, and his soiree with a male prostitute meth-dealer, as "immoral". For the record: I do not consider prostitution, homosexuality, or ingesting any kind of drugs to be immoral. However, Ted Haggard does. Still, he was able to justify his immorality to himself. I think his Christianity™ played a part in that, and that was the point I was trying to make.

*Note - At [1:30] - There is a grammatical error. D'oh! It should be; "...desert-dwellers, who wrote that precious book of theirs, HAD".

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