Recent Christians I have interviewed and a question I would like you to ask and I hope you can, please, give me feedback.

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Comment by Great Dane on June 26, 2011 at 4:01am
I can relate to your experience with the priest of your head church who considers the bible to be simply a poetic piece of literature yet he still has faith in god. In my country, Denmark, the head authority of all the bishops (head bishop I guess its called) was once interviewed in a TV show where he said that we must not take the bible literally! This very well reflects the fact that most people in my country are Christians mostly by tradition but they act and speak like they are atheists (which of course they are they just never bothered to label themselves as such since it is tradition to stick with the nice and kind church). So you see, we really are a small nation of atheists who just happens to think that somewhere there is a god but don't really believe in all the dogmatic and literal nonsense. What to do next? Well - as atheist I consider it our duty to mankind to speak the truth, to raise the public awareness, that there actually is an alternative to having faith in god. If we do so, eventually the scales will tip in favour of atheism and a better world.


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