Q and A - Adventures in Democracy (Panel Includes Richard Dawkins) (Part 1/6)

AtheistPlanet2 | March 08, 2010

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Aired Monday 8 March, 2010

The Q&A panel includes: Richard Dawkins, Patrick McGorry, Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio, Tony Burke and Julie Bishop.

Here are the questions our panel faced this week. Tell us what your answer would be or what you think our panellists need to say.


Arthur Lith asked: Can one be a believer in God as well as a believer in the theory of evolution?
What do you think?

Religion and Psychology

Dan Anderson asked: Do you think that a belief in the transcendent (whatever that might be, but including 'God') is important within a healthy human psychology, or do you regard it as a symptom of mental illness?
What do you think?

Areligion/Atheism/Santa Claus

Cassandra Devine asked: Why do you feel the need to express your views so stridently when they're not always welcome? Isn't it rather like going around to playgrounds and telling children that Santa Claus isn't real?
What do you think?


Renee Brasier asked: You are clearly against the teaching of creationism in the context of Science, but do you think there is any value in teaching religion in schools?
What do you think?


Hamzah Qureshi asked: Considering atheism cannot possibly have any sort of absolute morality, is it not then an irrational "leap of faith" (which atheists themselves so harshly condemn) for an atheist to decide between right and wrong, considering they have no absolute moral standard?
What do you think?

Intelligent Design

David from Victoria asked: Do you believe intelligent design should be part of the science curriculum, taught alongside evolution? Or do you believe it is non-scientific and should be relegated to the rubbish bin?
What do you think?

Religion and Gays

Andrew Kollington asked: Senator Fielding - you are courageously open about your religious and moral beliefs. As a believer in God, do you accept the Bible as the word of God and those who participate in homosexual behavior ought to be shunned or be put to death as the Bible demands? Or do so called moderate Christians' simply choose to ignore the word of God in this case, picking what passages they feel best suit our social trends?"

What do you think?

Asylum Seekers

Dennis Colombo asked: Both Labor and the Coalition have been severely criticised for their handling of the boat people asylum seekers. I would like to hear the views of the non-politicians on the panel about how they would go about it. Perhaps they can lead our politicians to a fresh approach!
What do you think?


Web question from Patrick OShea of Queensland: Do you wish for or indeed hope for an Afterlife?

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Comment by Eric Dorsey on October 14, 2010 at 5:40am
The politician believes in creation but the rabbi believes in evolution? Something seems backward there. Maybe that just sheds a light on a problem with politicians.
Comment by Eric Dorsey on October 14, 2010 at 6:29am
Wow, watching the rest of this Richard Dawkins is the center of most discussions. Isn't this supposed to have to do more with politics? And then they all start to get pissed because it seems like Dawkins is knocking their arguments out of the park and have to resort to telling him he insensitive to their beliefs. I have seen much worse in political debates and they expect religious debates to be nicer?
Comment by Svendsen on October 14, 2010 at 2:53pm
Politicians just care about their public image.If we could get respected politicians to come out as atheists things would move forward much more.


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