The original adaptation of Pale Blue Dot:
A Vision of the Human Future in Space,written by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan and published by Ballantine Books in 1994.
Available on Amazon in both paperback and audio book version.

This video was first uploaded to YouTube on February 2007 as part of the Celebrating Sagan Blogathon and subsequently featured on the front page in June 2007.It was a finalist at the Portobello Film festival in London, and the Concorto Film festival in Italy 2007.

Broadcast with kind permission of Cosmos Studios.

Dr Sagan first presented this perspective to the world in 1991, when he revealed the parting image of Earth taken by Voyager from a distance of 4 billion miles.
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To bake a cake, you must first invent the universe !- Carl Sagan.
Why attack God? He may be as miserable as we are. -Erik Satie
Atheists aren't that bad. - Zackie Chan

There are many videos of Pale Blue Dot now on YouTube which employ spoken samples of Dr Sagan's audio book, most notably by Darknlooking and Palebluefilms [ links below]

You can't keep a good Atheist down!

Music and film by Ice Core Scientist.
The song Ghostdancers is available from

All images courtesy of Nasa / Esa / Prelinger Archive /Public domain,but
unless otherwise stated,remain the exclusive property of their respective copyright holders.

Laughing Slim by Vern Evans
Used with kind permission.

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