Norway Masacre Caused by a Schizophrenia Type God Faith Disorder Neurologists Don't See

Warning everyone how virulent the Psychosis of God Belief truly is. This psychopathy lies dormant in genetically susceptible brains only to surface as a viol...

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Comment by T A A on July 25, 2011 at 2:46pm

I would like to ask you a very personal question: You are very vitriolic towards believers, which I understand fully, specially speaking from my perspective as a third generation atheist. However you say you used to be Catholic.


1-What age were you when you stopped believing in anything?


2-If you converted at a young age... my 2nd question is moot... but if per chance you converted later in adulthood... How do you deal with your previous self... as a former believer. You call believers 'theotards' which I find quite appropriate... but concerning your own personal life history... How do you consider your former believer-self? As another individual for whom you lack respect? Someone who was sick but was cured??


I ask because I have encountered this phenomenon on many other discussions, people who use very harsh language against believers, who used to be believers themselves.

From a psychological perspective, causing this kind of opinionated rift between your former self and your present self must have repercussions? What does if feel like to have such disrespect for who you used to be? It must not be easy :(


In this sense I think I'm very very lucky to have never been indoctrinated, there is not much I thank my parents for, but I do thank them for this.

Comment by Calpurnpiso on July 25, 2011 at 6:39pm



Remember, I see Believers ( FaithPsychotics ) as children than never outgrew the puerile bizarre metamagical beliefs of their childhood, transforming them into a dangerous Schizophrenia-Like religious beliefs in adulthood.

There is no excuse in this 21st C for people to be so ignorant specially when receiving an education. Religious faith had to be a form of neurological disorder not unlike schizophrenia where the same bizarre beliefs are also accepted as reality.

Isn't an educated adult that preaches in tongues, accepting a resurrecting zombies as true behaving as a person with the same affliction that affects the mind of schizophrenics or TL epileptics?..and these nuts are NOT committed, this is the problem.


In Norway a Christ Psychotic kills 76 children then a Catholic Mass is said for the victims !! One can't get more crazy than that!

Christian intolerant, homophobic, racist, anti-semitic, anti Free thinking, anti sex for fun, anti rational thought, and anti REALITY was the REASON of this man genocide and still a Christian anachronistic irrational stupid deluded Christian Ritual is performed.!  Dumb Idiots


Let's not forget our bodies are constantly suffering radiation, mutations, and cell degradation...aging. We are constantly changing our brains learning, battling between reality & fantasy throughout our lives.

We die at night & resurrect in the morning, our brains suffering transformations of cognition feeding & evacuating information waste. Brain shit.


The calpurnpiso of 7-25-11 is DIFFERENT to the Calpurnpiso of 7-24-11. When I dream I can go back in time (we can only do that with our brains, the Universes within) and talk to the former believer self. Don't forget I never believe in a resurrected zombie,.....that was very illogical to me.

I modeled my reasoning while attending University in the US, to the reasoning of Mr Spock of Star Trek. I even sported a haircut like hero of pure logic & fact no BS emotions of any kind.


We must realize GodFaith Belief is always inversely proportional to knowledge & information, iow, the more the faith the more the ignorance & vice-versa. When the brain is defective due to either genetic anomaly or acquired by trauma or disease, it begins to accept irrational false beliefs void of tangible realities as true. Evidence & proof is never demanded. Deluded beliefs are just accepted not matter how irrational.

This poses the gravest danger to mankind, the reason ReligiousPsychosis, is much more virulent than any other mental disorder. Nobody sees religion as a psychopathy.

It is readily accepted as a NORMAL HEALTHY reasoning by the vast majority. Proof of this are the millions of churches, mosques, synagogues & places of worship throughout the world which are ALLOWED to teach their deluded lies in t his 21st Century, stagnating the mind of children creating ReligiousPsychotic intolerant theotards.


Ignoring religious beliefs for the lethal Brain HIV disorder it is will make us extinct.


Only children & the ignorant have an excuse in accepting religious beliefs as true. The rest have a neurological anomaly innate in all human beings. I compare it to the appendix. We all have it. It was useful to assimilate roots millions of years ago but today it is a liability.

The Psychosis of GodBelief was needed thousand of years ago to appease our awareness of finality & to make sense of the world in which we existed. Today this Neurological Syndrome is NOT needed, so AWARENESS of how dangerous religious Psychosis, which mimics schizophrenia reasoning, is imperative.


I was raised Catholic (Universal Church of the Christos created by Constantine in 325ce), attended nuns school, I was also an altar boy ( never molested ) then I attended an all boy school


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