Norway Masacre Caused by a Schizophrenia Type God Faith Disorder Neurologists Don't See

Warning everyone how virulent the Psychosis of God Belief truly is. This psychopathy lies dormant in genetically susceptible brains only to surface as a viol...

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Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 24, 2011 at 10:08am

McVeigh, militia movements, Al Quaeda, Israel.....all have a common denominator.

And the Tea-o-cracy Party.  Religious indoctrination changes the physical character of the brain.

Watch out for Bachmann, Perry and for that matter Obama.  They will all "throw virgins into the volcano".


Viva Calpumiso!  He's called it.

Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 24, 2011 at 10:15am

Religion is Lysergic Acid, (a chemical alteration  of the brain).

god=Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 24, 2011 at 10:30am

Dawkins has said that the brain has created belief.  I think that Calpumiso has missed this point.

His whole thesis is based on the idea that the brain creates belief.  I guess we didn't read the same book.  You have to read all of Dawkins to come to this conclusion, not just "The God Delusion".

Dawkins has defined delusion in somewhat the same way Calpumiso defines it.  Dawkins is not a confrontational individual, he doesn't yell and scream but deals with science and logic.  Screaming and pounding the table doesn't solve the problem of ignorance in the world.  Dawkins deals with the reality of ignorance by promoting science, evolution and reason.  Dawkins is no apologist for religion.  He sees religion as a brain connected problem that is in degrees.  Where I disagree with Calpumiso is that he is reading into Dawkins something that isn't there.  The problem is that everyone today looks for ranting and raving in contrast to reason in dealing with the problem of religion. I don't agree with Calpumiso that the atheist community is clueless as he says.  That's too simplistic.  There are degrees of understanding about the role of religion in the disturbance of behavior.  Reactionary views in some atheist thinking doesn't bring reason into focus.

Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 24, 2011 at 10:34am

Personal anger doesn't solve any problems regarding religion, it only exacerbates them.  Reason and anger don't always mix well.  I see religion as degreed, some neurosis and some psychosis.

it's all a form of craziness but there are degrees and it's within these areas of intensity that reasonable dialogue can prevail.  Dawkins is exemplar in this ability.  This is why his views are so powerful today.

Comment by Frank Hamilton on July 24, 2011 at 10:39am

Calpumiso makes some good points but he goes over the top in ranting against psychosis.

A cure for this disease doesn't lie in ranting against it but understanding it through reason, calm and peaceful assessment by trained people.  I think my disagreement with Calpumiso is more on style and approach whereby the behavior vitiates the message.  Reasons greetings and peace to all.

Comment by Calpurnpiso on July 24, 2011 at 1:48pm

Hi Frank.

Don't forget one must express oneself sometimes with vulgar language, ranting in the vernacular to reach the uneducated ignorant masses. The mere words: sex, f*ck, masturbation etc will attract the attention of those folks which are the vast majority.

Proper scholarly English void of rants expressed by educated intellectuals wearing tunnel vision goggles like Dawkins, Sam Harris, Hitchens and many other evolved mutated crazy primates that ignore the fact that that's what they are and that they create the bizarre metamagical beliefs of god with the BRAIN and not the arse, could be very boring & puzzling to the uneducated masses. Which, again, are the vast majority of people on this planet...and they all have faith in Gods. We know Faith, created in the brain, is always inversely proportional to the knowledge & information of the person experiencing it. IOW, the less faith, the more knowledge-information and vice-versa.


As in any neurological disorder or pathology everything has a degree of virulence. My video begins with:

"You know, This bombing in Norway is all religious psychosis…. people don't understand religious beliefs are a mental illness, mental illness. a mental illness... if they don't address religion as a mental illness…we have the christian psychotics in the United States…"


As usual the basic premise in ALL my videos is that All Religions, created in the brain, are rooted in the acceptance of bizarre metamagical beliefs as true. See neuroscientists Dr Sapolsky's video on religion and those of Dr Ramachandran Phantoms of the Brain.

Scholars keep ignoring the fact the brain is the creator of the delusions of god (imaginary friends) and that when the brain is young, suffers trauma, is sick, is under the influence of drugs ( entheogens), it ACCEPTS these imaginary friends ( at the center of all religions & psychopathy) as REAL.


This is what Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennet and the vast majority of intellectual atheists fail to see. These folks discuss & suggest a treatment for the symptom, NEVER addressing the cause, which IMHO is the neurological disorder of Belief in Gods. ChristPsychosis.

Today in Norway there is a CATHOLIC MASS for the victims of the massacre caused by a fellow ChristPsychotic with full blown version of the Disorder nobody sees. The acceptance as TRUE that a God named Y--W the Christ, in the guise of his own SON Jesus, was born of a virgin, offered himself in sacrifice to save mankind from the "sin" committed by a mud-man & rib-woman when they accepted a forbidden fruit offered by a Talking snake..then He resurrected!


What's the difference between this Bizarre Metamagical belief and those of the schizophrenic?

Dawkins et al, never discuss this. That's my point. These delusions can be replicated in a neurology lab, by simply manipulating the brain of ANYONE. What does this experiment proves? 

Again, Dawkins et al keep treating symptoms without ADDRESSING the cause of the psychosis of GodBelief. A malfunctioning brain!...duh..


Neurological disorders like schizophrenia, temporal lobe epilepsy also are ROOTED in the acceptance of Bizarre Metamagical Beliefs as true. There is NO difference between the delusions of the religious and those of the schizophrenia, but YES, the psychosis has a degree of virulence.

This is ignored by Dawkins & the vast majority of Atheists. In ALL religions & mental disorders 2+2 is equal to ANY number BUT 4.


Rational thought & reality escapes them as the image of

the Mona Lisa at the Louvre when seen by a person with impaired vision..iow suffering from an eye malfunction. Religious folks suffer from neurological myopia.

That's my point.


Comment by Derek on July 24, 2011 at 11:44pm



Your entire post reads like an inane ad hominem on Dawkins and other famous non-believers. In other words: an epic fail.


 could be very boring & puzzling to the uneducated masses


The uneducated masses are usually wrong. Science doesn't need to be dumbed down for people who don't want to learn it. Either you're interested or you are not. End of story. Back to education.

Comment by Calpurnpiso on July 25, 2011 at 12:15am



Ad hominem? Did you watch my video with a bag over your head? FYI, we are evolved mutated primates that create the bizarre metamagical beliefs of GOD with our BRAINS not the ass. Dawkins, Hitches, Harris & many other educated atheist DO NOT REALIZE IT....remember if the shoe fits wear it. Is this an ad hominem?


Also in your ignorance you fail to understand the bizarre metamagical beliefs that composed ALL RELIGIONS, created in the brain, are also at the ROOT of neurological disorders like schizophrenia. This FACT is also ignored by Dawkins et al...I simply state FACTS with the EVIDENCE to back them up...Facts TALK bullshit walks.


I suggest you get a clue, & LEARN neurology & history watching my video 100 time to get a clue what it is about. Understand? 



Norway Masacre Caused by a Schizophrenia Type God Faith Disorder Neurologists Don't See 072211


Comment by T A A on July 25, 2011 at 1:23pm

The problem is humans' obsession with treating the inherently sick. The more we treat the sick, the higher the percentage of sick-prone people is in society. The power trip we receive from treating sick people bites us back in the butt later, be "nice" one moment, and the next moment the frequency of sick people in society increases... By being "nice" for these last few thousand years we have increased ugliness. These diseased brains have huge reproductive success. Really really sick! :)


Comment by Calpurnpiso on July 25, 2011 at 2:17pm

Hi T A A

Exactly, we are simply inherently cognitive sick primates and the problem is that nobody realizes it. This neurological mutation that I think emerged out of many events happening at the same time, A goldylocks enigma, initiated the primate evolution that would make Matter (The Universe) becoming aware of its own self. Our brains are simply our own private Universes which we use to create thoughts with. The very infinitively large & very infinitively small combine to become ONE. A quantum mechanics, space-time dilemma. Existence & nonexistence combined into ONE, occasionally revealing itself in the mind-buggling formulas, product of collective knowledge over millennia, that puzzle astrophysicists, cosmologists, mathematicians...all of them not realizing they are evolved mutated primates that create Thoughts with the Universes Within at their disposal. Their BRAINS. 

it would be interesting to see them ingesting entheogens ( peyotl, Ayahuasca, Datura flowers..) before they start writing their formulas on the blackboard...LOL...the truth which I 've been positing ad nauseam would then be revealed. 

At the moment of birth we begun navigating existence with our brains. Existence-Life been a Sea composed of facts & fiction.Truth & Lies.

A malfunctioning brain despite maturity and education would always accept irrational bizarre metamagical beliefs ( these beliefs produce feel good dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin neurotransmiters) as true. This neurological anomaly is found in neurological disorders like schizophrenia which mirrors religious faith. Religion & Schizophrenia see as true Imaginary friends of many names, like Jesus, Allah, Odin, YHW, Lucifer & Winnie the Poo too.

These videos explains it best:


Gratias tibi ago ( thanks) for your comment. Abundant health to you & yours.





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