No United States broadcasting company would show this commercial on grounds of it being too intense.

A tough ad to stop using land mines.

Comment by Chris Green on May 3, 2011 at 10:48am

 As advertising goes this would be about as effective as you could get. Even though the content isn't particularly graphic it would hit home to some degree. However the target audience are unlikely to be affected in huge numbers because land mines don't pose an everyday threat to the average Westerner (US, UK or otherwise). 

 Land-mines have been a major problem in many war-torn African states for years now and the victims are as Judith van der Roos quite rightly states, nearly always children/civilian.

 I worked as an Armourer with the R.A.F. and my secondary war-time role was Bomb Disposal. One of the things that we were taught was that land-mines are more often designed to maim and not to kill. Certain air delivered sub-munitions were designed to lay on open ground as opposed to beneath the surface. If you trod on one of these you were gauranteed to lose half a foot or at worst, your lower leg. Testicular damage would also have been common-place. The effect of these types of mines was to completely demoralise affected units. Land-mines make no distinction and with the millions that have been used around the globe it will be a problem for decades to come.



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