Nega-Dittos, Rush: The Redemption of a Dittohead

My long coming response to a segment from Rush Limbaugh's TV show that aired almost 19 years ago, his editorial on the dying national soul.

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Comment by Dale Headley on October 29, 2011 at 5:48pm

 When Rush Limbaugh first came on the scene, many people called him "the most dangerous man in America."  I think all that has transpired since then has rendered that judgment valid.  I agree with Steve that the insanity we now see emanating from the Republican Party began with Rush Limbaugh.  He dominates the Republican Party through the power of his dittohead brigade of tea party know-nothings. Every Republican is scared to death of him.  No matter what insane, hateful, and heartless things he says on the radio, they WILL NOT DARE contradict him.  When he called the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Colin Powell - a racist, no Republican had the courage to challenge him.    

   And just what entitles Limbaugh to pontificate?  Well, he was a rich man's privileged, uneducated son - the only one of several siblings to not graduate from college or go into a profession.  He couldn't even make it beyond one year in a hick college.  He doesn't believe in evolution because he doesn't understand it - reason enough for him.  He dodged the draft, yet he demonizes John Kerry for not living up to his (Rush's) standards of patriotism, even though he (Kerry) was decorated for his bravery in Vietnam.  Rush's excuse for not serving?  It varies from time to time; sometimes it's because he had a football injury (playing for whom?  He doesn't say); and other times it's because of a pimple on his ass.  He also demonizes the idea that people of the same gender might be allowed to express their love for each other, whether in marriage or not, while he has three failed marriages in his less-than-exemplary marital past.  His first wife said she left him because he refused to get off the couch and get a job.  Significantly, perhaps, his other former wives say little or nothing about him (in exchange for a huge chunk of alimony?).  I suspect they fear him.  His rich father (also named Rush) made sure that he was well taken care of, until he stumbled onto a gig as a disc jockey and started spouting his father's racist claptrap and far right wing ideology.  The dittoheads (sorry, Steve) flocked to him as a kindred soul who knew how to talk to radio audiences in a way that cleverly disguised the fact that he was speaking to legions of ignorant racists, homophobes, misogynists, wannabe fascists, and religious fanatics like himself.  He is a man filled to the brim with seething hatred.  I would bet that he was the "fatty" picked on in school and spends his life getting even.  He brags about his stint as an "executive" for the Kansas City Chiefs.  But those who were there say he was nothing but a gofer.  He tried to gain mainstream acceptance pretending he knew something about football on Monday Night Football, but he just couldn't restrain himself from venting his racial animus; and that was the end of that.  He tried to further mainstream himself with that TV show Steve drew his clip from (KCOP, Channel 13).  That show was a giant turd.  It was the LOWEST rated show in all of local L.A. TV.  Why?  I suspect it was because the hate that drips from his bloated face and lips was too hard to disguise on TV.  Plus, Los Angeles is NOT the deep south. 

But this is not what makes Rush Limbaugh so dangerous to society as a whole.  Its his disdain for what made America great.  He regularly trashes science and everything that scientists have to say.  He is a rich man who despises all who are not rich; consequently he espouses a political philosophy that will inevitably draw the United States back to the early 20th, if not the late 19th century when his class ruled with cold disregard for the suffering of the rest of the populace his class exploited for profit and wealth.  He will, if he can, destroy the middle class in America.  He will, if he can, establish a fascist dictatorship in America.  He will, if he can, lead the march to conquer the world militarily, as long as he doesn't have to risk his own corpulent tush.  

Comment by Steve Shives on October 29, 2011 at 9:16pm

Damn, Dale! Best comment ever.

Comment by Ryan King on November 17, 2011 at 11:23am

Hey Steve.... Mega Dittos!  (rim shot)


I'm still embarrassed I gave Limbaugh what credence I did, even though I was 21/22.


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