My Young Kids in a Religious World

We show our kids from the get go how and why religions are false. No pandering.

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Comment by Stutz on November 7, 2011 at 11:24pm

Clearly they have been subjected to the abuse of atheist indoctrination, and without God, they are exhibiting all kinds of unchecked immorality. I mean, just look at the violence they are doing to those pumpkins! They're definitely going to grow up to be gay liberal abortion activists who hate America.

Comment by Jay on November 8, 2011 at 12:45am

Robert, et. al.

So my athiest wife and I were faced with what to do, how to handle these tots while their generation counterparts were steadfastly being indoctrinated by their parents' mythology.  Personally, I have a problem with the aproach that "we all get to decide what to believe".  Not about reality we don't.  Life evolved on Earth into us.  It's a fact.  We don't simply get to decide that we believe that.  Religions make claims that they simply have no justification for and the Humanity is deep rooted in it's mythological tendencies.  In the end, we tell them that evidence is the vital ingredient to any claim about how the universe is.  We have a phrase in our house: "where is the evidence."  We joke about it.  When I steel chocolate from the kitchen stash and they try to bust me, I call  for the evidence!  And they prompltly follow suit.  In school, kids who are getting their 3 squares of blind indoctrination, are giving my son a hard time.  So we talk about it.  Tell them, I say, if the evidence were good enough for their gods we would call it science and teach it in school. But it's not good enough for school! 


But we also tell them that at any moment, if the evidence came in that confirmed all the fables of the bible to be true, that god was real, Jesus was something other than imagination, then we would gladly change our position.  It doesn't matter what the reality is, it just has to be supported with evididence and lots of it.


I am fascinated by how such young minds really think about it and comprehend the need for evidence.


Thanks for all the kind comments!


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