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Comment by Kris Potter on June 26, 2010 at 9:51pm
Another attractive Atheist, I hope this trend continues! I wish I was once religious so I could post a deconversion video, unfortunately for that idea I've been an Atheist my entire intellectual life. Your summary at the end was pretty powerful, I hope you post more videos perhaps even with your bed made.

It's a shame that you were exploited by religion as a child, but impressive that you recognized it. I actually just became aware that the 'hair weave' industry in this country is one of the most profitable cosmetic venues at present day. How do these companies get the human hair for their human hair weaves? One of the sacrifices patrons of the Hindu religion make is to offer their hair to the gods, or more realistically the pandits or Hindu priests. These offers made to the gods to thank them or wish for something are given freely by Hindu followers and are then sold to western Europe and America. This money making scheme is second only to the Vatican.
Comment by Jon Heim on November 30, 2010 at 12:26am
I have a lot of respect for deconversion. atheists who were religious in the first place, and realized what we all realize...

for me, I may have lived in a christian house hold and went to church every week, but I was only mildly brainwashed...I always knew I didn't beleive the nonsense. lol

as far as being "another attractive atheist" as Kris said, yes. yes you are. lol If I didn't already have a pagan fiance I'd love to find a nice atheist girl. lol


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