Michigan Republicans Pass Law Allowing Christians to Bully Gay Students. Watch This Democrat Stand Up to Them.

watch as Democrat Senator, Gretchen Whitmer speaks out AGAINST the bill being passed onkneesforjesus.blogspot.com

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Comment by Justine Robinson on November 5, 2011 at 7:12pm

I can't believe they passed this law in my state!  This is outrageous! We are supposed to be moving forward as a country not backwards!

Comment by Skycomet the Fallen Angel on November 5, 2011 at 7:22pm


Bullying is very different from having to put up with offensive speech. Bullying is harrassment. It is illegal and not protected by freedom of speech because it involves a relentless attack on a single individual with the intent of hurting them physically and psychologically... over and over and over. If you think that bullying is protected under the first amendment let me ask you this:

Here is a list of various things I went through when I was bullied... are THESE protected by the first amendment?

1. Someone put a flaming bag of human feces on my doorstep in 8th grade

2. People liked to try and make me fall down the stairs... endangering my physical health

3. I was subjected to constant unwanted sexual comments and touching: for example at school dances I remember that I would be surrounded by about 4 boys that would try to rub up against me despite the fact that I would try to push them away, boys liked to slap my butt and try to grab my boob... they made degrading remarks like barking at me like a dog when I passed, and I was called "bitch" "dog" "pussy" and "pig." 

4. A group of girls prank-called my house 3 days in a row making sexual, obscene, and sometimes threatening remarks.

5. Someone made a webpage to make fun of me, pasting a photo of my face on the body of a cow and writing all kinds of humiliating statements about me that could be seen by anyone on the world-wide web. (I was 13)

6. My property was regularly stolen or destroyed. Someone broke into my gym locker and stuffed a wad of gum into my school planner and wrote "faggot" in blue pen on the next page.

If those actions are protected by the first amendment, let me know because I will have a bone to pick with our government.

Comment by Godless Conservative on November 5, 2011 at 9:43pm


And none of that was what they allowed.  That's the difference.  The exact wording was that they were free to state sincerly held beliefs.  It did not include

1- arson

2- attempted murder / assault and battery

3- sexual harrassment

4- harassment / assault (threats are assault)

5- libal

6- larceny

This is a case of people trying to shut that part up too. Their position might be asinine, but dumb ****s have the right to talk.  It might mean they can say that if you do that you could go to Hell, but really the only way that has any effect at all is if you think it may be true yourself.  I hear that almost daily, but I think its funny.  To me it means they really don't have a logical case to make and they are falling back on empty threats from an imaginary friend.

It's not worded in any way that would allow ANY of what you just said.  Your point is a gross exaggeration to the point it is flat out not true.

I know...liberals don't really care about being honest, as long as they can shut up opposing points of view. 

In fact, all that was already against the law, so if that's the problem legislation is rather pointless.  You need to worry about enforcement, not restricting things that aren't even what you are saying the problem is.


@Chad Poleman

That is true, but it is by school policy, not the law.  As a matter of legality they still have all rights, but the school has the ability to ask them to leave.

It does not change the Constitutional position a bit.  Just like an adult can be fired for saying things, even off duty, but that doesn't change the Constitution either.  Legally, the protection is there in the eyes of the state.  The consequences are others free choices as well.  If you don't want someone working for you, you don't have to have them there.

This law also applies to adults anyhow.  If you look at the exact wording, the exceptions they wrote in were also designed to protect the free speech of school employees.  They were EXPLICITLY mentioned.  So....your point is????  It's not just about the students.  And making something against state law is not the normal way to make school rules.

Comment by Chad Poelman on November 6, 2011 at 2:21am

@Godless conservative

You make a good point, the fact that it includes adults does put somewhat of a damper on my argument.  I will say that bill in general limits free speech.  Under this law a teacher would not be able to call a child a worthless piece of shit, make a disparaging remark about their gender, race, or sexual orientation.  The only exception is if it's religiously motivated, meaning that religion is given preference which in it's self could be a violation of the 1st amendment.  Secondly the teacher as a state paid employee should be remaining neutral on religion with his/her interactions with the students anyway.

I do think that the idea behind the clause was with religious freedom in mind and not "wouldn't it be fun to bully kids" but regardless it does allow a loop hole that I have a hard-time believing won't be abused.  I understand that it doesn't bother/offend you when someone tells you that you're going to be burning in hell and it's doesn't completely bother me either, but we're grown men.  We have maturity and life experience on our side, and we can handle it, not every child could.  We not only limit kids freedoms on a regular basis for their protection but we limit adults rights when it comes to their interaction with them.

My anger with this issue is not that I think this bill was passed with the intention of harming kids.  My issue is that even tho this law was created with the pretense of child safety, but instead, like Sen Whitmer said, it makes verbal abuse easier as long as it's done in the guise of religion.

Comment by Citizen Atheist on June 17, 2012 at 11:58am

This is why Atheists need to be heard.  This is one of many reasons why religion is bad - for everyone.  This is why this website exists.  Thank you TA for fighting the good fight and allowing us to be aware of reality.


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