Mental Illness Keeping Americans Deluded, Dumb & Prone to be Psychopaths 011313.dv

Exposing Christianity, infecting Americans, for the Brain Disorder it is. A Schizophrenia-like epidemic inducing shootings, crazy Conspiracy theories, intell...

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Comment by Calpurnpiso on April 10, 2016 at 1:52pm

Exposing the Brain virus, Borna like HIV of Religious Schizophrenias nobody seems to see that could make our species extinct. We do not see the virus only its effects. i,e GOP, Isil, circumcision  where the Mohel cut baby's penis sucking the blood, and rest of religious crazy bizarre activities that clueless sane aka Atheist scientists in America see as normal way of reasoning. Churches spread this Brain Virus raping the brain of Children.
Atheist, WAKE UP.


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