lebo2196: Read Your Qur'an! (And Sam Harris Too!)

Video response to lebo2196 -- "MUSLIM VS ATHEIST | RESPONSE | #JihadOnIgnorance"

This video is for educational/commentary purposes and the use of the clips/images within it falls under the FAIR USE clause under section 107 of copyright law. This video DOES NOT violate copyright, as it provides criticism and commentary for educational purposes and is noncommercial. Anyone is free to download and mirror this video for educational purposes only.

This video will serve as a follow-up to my last video to lebo2196 (or leboman as I humorously call me) on Islam. I realized that this was quickly scripted (I recorded this last week before the Ham/Nye debate) and I might have missed some points (I wanted to get into jihad and martyrdom in Islam), so any additional criticisms can be discussed in the comment section to this video. My main concern is how he thinks Harris wants to "blow up the Muslim world," which, as I show in this video, is a blatant quote-mine/misrepresentation. Leboman also shows just how oblivious he is to what his book says about nonbelievers.

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Harris, Sam (2004). The End of Faith. p. 128-129
Harris, Sam (2014). "Response to Controversy." http://www.samharris.org/site/full_text/response-to-controversy2/
"The Euthyphro Problem." (2014). http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/metaethics/#EutPro
7th Century Child Marriage for Dummies Or Why Wrong is Wrong
Let's Destroy: Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace! Muslim Response -Ep2- Video Response to lebo2196

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Comment by Gary Clouse on February 12, 2014 at 9:20am


A near perfect BS storm.

1) God, Yahweh, Allah, all deem to refer to a masculine version of Inanna, the Sumerian war Goddess. the silliness of religious strife is akin to twin brothers fighting over whose mother is the nicest.

2) All Abrahamic faiths claim to be religions of peace and morality, The majority of the faithful are peacefo; in the religions, but the followers of political ideologues that use religion as a tool to justify their actions of hate are motivated by politics, not religion.

3) legal age in the use varies state by state between 14 and 21. Some countries recognize biological maturity of an individual regardless of chronological age.


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