Katt Williams Diss Mexicans At Club in Phoenix Arizona

Katt Williams was simply keeping it real!!! The problem about the illegal immigrant issue is these people still feel that large parts of America are "still part of Mexico" and feel they are "entitled to America as being a part of Mexico" instead of assimilated into becoming Americans. This is the key issue, what do they do? They go have children like jack-rabbits in the hopes with their demographics in taking over America in the near future. People must stop being P.C. and admit this is an issue

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Comment by Luis Contreras on September 4, 2011 at 1:49am

This reminds me of when there was that march to gain citizenship(i think, dont remember the full details) in Los Angeles and all the hispanics and supporters of hispanics were there and some where carrying Mexico, Guatemala, ect. flags when they should have been waving the stars and strips flag. Even tho im Guatemalen but was born here, my allegiance lies with America.

Comment by Sassan K. on September 4, 2011 at 2:18am

Thank you for your comments Luis. I have no problem with people of whatever race - my problem is with a lack of assimilation due to naive historical grievances which in turn limit many from learning English and becoming "Americanized". Europe has a similar but at the same time different problem with their Islamic population with the lack of assimilation and have learned from their mistakes. We have a short time to do so here - only in America (and Canada) are the children of illegal immigrant who are born on our soil become citizens of their host nation. The future of America with demographic numbers are certainly up in the air. Hopefully more sensible people like yourself will continue to have louder and louder voices within communities.

Here is Katt discussing this on CNN today:


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