GOP Convention of Christ Psychosis Infected Crazies 082612

Presenting the scientific fact and obvious truth that explains why the GOP, Tea Party & conservatives are so out of touch with reality deriding Science. The ...

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Comment by Calpurnpiso on June 10, 2018 at 1:23pm

6-10-18  Just call me PROPHET Calpurnpiso, Everything that is happening TODAY with ChristPsychosis infected imbeciles running AMERICA, while CLUELESS-BLIND mentally healthy aka ATHEISTS scientists say NOTHING,  I predicted August 12,  2012 Six years ago !
Watch my video in its ENTIRETY to understand it, otherwise you'll not get my point. It would be as looking at 10 pieces of a puzzle, the meaning and what the image is WILL NOT be understood.
7:00  7:39  7:56  8:38  9:19  9:46  10:14  11:10  11:50  12:30  12:40 


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