, How do church services use hypnotic techniques to create "spiritual experiences?" Why are some churches against psychology, hypnosis...

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Comment by lazurm on June 26, 2016 at 5:20pm

Interesting. I, a lifetime atheist, tried an experiment on myself and hired 2 hypnotists to instill in me a belief in God. To buttress this, I started praying for belief but with emotion...I wanted it. 

Very long story-short: Every time I pray, I instantly feel connected to God, even if my cognitive self can't quite get there. I, now, also feel I MUST go to Mass, read the Bible at least 15 minutes a day and have a strong need to convert to Catholicism. Part of this process involved a "surrendering" to Jesus and despite any thoughts or discussions to the contrary, I feel compelled to do this. In fact, the very idea of still being an atheist is now anathema to me, meaning, I can't even admit this to myself. 

I think that a good part of this whole thing is that I do, in fact, get a tremendous sense of power, relief, and general good feelings about believing and practicing Catholicism. This has NEVER happened before and I actually used to feel a bit repulsed by the whole thing for many reasons. 

It's amazing to me but, whether fortunately or not, I welcome it all. Word to the wise, this video makes sense and has a lot of truth to it. (That took a lot out of me to type.)


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