Is America really the home of the brave? Or is it the home of cowardly little bitches who can't get over something that happened a decade ago? Anyone who has...

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Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 12, 2011 at 11:01pm

@ Gerald You are redefining patriotism and In your definition I can just as easily claim patriotism as a social tool used to control a massive amount of people who want to fit in or belong.. One of the reasons people don't leave their religion is because it is a "sense of belonging kind of thing".. post globalization patriotism dies... Patriotism is one egotistical ideology I'm glad I do not support...

Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 12, 2011 at 11:57pm

Your patriotism sounds almost exactly like Cultural Zionism by your personal definition.

Comment by The Doctor on September 13, 2011 at 12:15am

Instead of "patriotism" here, let's call it by it's colloquial name "nationalism" (the notion one's country is superior to another) now in this context I can say that the Idea is first of all dangeous, and second a very poor way of thinking of one's fellow man.

Nationalism is a good way to gather the support, however war demonizes the 'enemy' whilst the aggressor is then perceived as heroic. The old addege of "History is always written by the victor" wrings true.

I support the military I have friends in the military, I recognise the need for a military, where I disagree is the dangerous notions of singling out a group because a few members perpetrated an attack that says nothing on the group as a whole.


Comment by Stephanie on September 13, 2011 at 2:13am

This is soo awesome! I shared it on facebook :)


Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 13, 2011 at 2:19am

Sorry but genetic fallacy much? 


and how is it a non sequitur? It does mirror Cultural Zionism quite a bit taking into consideration that its definition is.. valuing Jewish culture and history, including language and historical roots

seems almost dead on to me..


When you say this.. 

Patriotism is a set of rules, customs, culture, traditions, and history that unite a people.


Maybe you would care to rephrase that?


Comment by The Doctor on September 13, 2011 at 2:24am

Gerald, you can be proud of youre country, but also understand the attrocities it may have caused.

America would not be where it is today without literally taking territory by force. Justification, is added after the fact, for instance the stae I live in wouldn't be apart of the U.S. if it weren't for the mexican cession, (basiclly we demanded it in the surrender of mexico) now how is that justifieble?

Another fellow had a similar idea, Adolf hitler, Germany needed to be great and DESERVED to be great and millions followed, idealism and natiolalism is antiquated, There really is no "great country" they are all flaued, that is not to say some do not have a better approach but to assume superiority bages the question why assume you are? And how do you know?


Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 13, 2011 at 2:27am

Do not misunderstand.. I do not renounce patriotism because I hate american.. I renounce patriotism because I think the human race should be better than that. I am simply leading by example. We are not playing a giant game of king of the hill here..

Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 13, 2011 at 2:36am

Lame.. when did people stop having conviction..

Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 13, 2011 at 2:41am

For those of you who have missed out of the conversation.. Here is what is missing.. in chronological order..


Gerald Martinez commented on your video "Fuck 9/11! Get Over It Already!" on Think Atheist

I'm a new member, and as much as I am an atheist, I would love to punch this guy on the face.  I am an American service member serving in Kuwait while punks like this guy have never served a day.  I have served in the US Air Force 20 years now and let me tell you, there is a big fucking difference between 9/11 and any other death you idiot.  The difference is that we are in an asymmetric war where an ideology is trying to kill YOU IDIOT!  And YOU too reading this, because you drive a car and YOU WOMAN, because you went to school.  I fight this war every day.  And I have seen many soldiers fall in battle and parade in a coffin in Afghanistan on the way to parents in some small county in America.  How about remembering that on 9/11?? No Sir, we should never forget, and we should never stop playing these images on 9/11 so that people like you remember that you are alive and talking shit filling your mouth with freedom because of people like ME fighting a war against an ideology that wants to eradicate you.  The day we forget is the day these terrorists blow up your son's yellow school buy on his way to school.  Or the day the Jets vs. Cowboys game turns into a ball of fire and a bloody stampede of people without memory.  So fuck off die with no one at your funeral because they forgot about your stupid rant.


Gerald Martinez commented on your video "Fuck 9/11! Get Over It Already!" on Think Atheist


@ Jacob, patriotism is not an archaic term just because of globalism.  Patriotism is a very alive Maslow sense of belonging kind of thing and if you think that it is obsolete, I hope you do not live in the US or if you do, move out because I'd hate to be defending you. Patriotism does not ever disapear, it may morph, but the sense of pride and belonging still remains. Take Italy before Garibaldi...people resisted unification, but the do love their flag today.  It is no different today.
@Kim, as a prior enlisted and now officer, I can tell you that not one person I work with views any Afghan or Iraqi as any less of a person...except maybe a few red necks that have no business being in the military.  In fact, In Afghanistan, most troops loved giving candy and all the stuff out of care packages to Afghan children on the other side of the fence.  I made many lasting friendships with Afghans and learned a lot about their culture.  And I don't like war and yes I do think that Iraq was unjustified and wrong, but we live in a democracy, like it or not.  It may not be perfect, but we do get to vote, and we have to live with decisions made above us as they do represent the vote of the majority, and if we don't like it we get to vote again. 
And as for killing 8 innocent people to capture depends.  If they are hiding a nuclear bomb that sits somewhere in NY, then yes, kill 100 innocent civilians if you will save 1 million.  Sorry but I do watch 24 with a passion for what people like Jack Bauer does.  Point is, actions should be for the common good and sometimes tough decisions must be made.  If people knew how seriously and how badly we try to avoid civilian casualties in Afghanistan or anywhere else for that matter, they would see that we really try.  And it is unfortunate when it happens.
@ Kris, sure we could have spent the money more wisely, like feeding all of Africa for a whole year sot aht we can keep feeding them for generations while the men keep raping their own kind.  But you statement is as silly as that Italian guy in Italy who told me that "We don't need NATO because they have never been involved in anything to defend us and all of Europe is peaceful now." My answer to that Ass-wipe was: S

Comment by Jacob LeMaster on September 13, 2011 at 2:42am

So, is it safe just because or maybe NATO had something to do with it to begin with? In your case, sure, we fed all of Africa and we still have radical Muslims coming after us.  What If we Americans could not ever travel around the world because every time we went to a hotel we got bombed by someone.  What if you could walk through the airport without any inspections to your bags, would you still fly? This is an asymmetric WAR and if you don't understand that term, I am truly sorry for plain ignorance.  We must identify terrorists, hunt them down, and kill them like roaches.  Forget the cost, because we cannot afford not to.
Having said that: these wars do spend a lot of $$ unnecessarily...gosh don't I know this: we employ a gazillion Hindu/Indians here in Kuwait, so your taxpayer money goes to feed families in India while our folks back at home are there, cut us back, I won't mind since I will spend time with my son...for a change.


Gerald Martinez commented on your video "Fuck 9/11! Get Over It Already!" on Think Atheist

Well you should go to the "anti-patriotism" website but here you're alienating people like me.  Let me tell you what patriotism means to me. You see, I don't take the US for granted.  I was born in Iowa and grew up in Argentina, where I defended the fact that I was born in the US while in school.  I had friends who trashed and would provoke me saying that the Russians would kick our asses and I defended this country with teeth and nails. I have witnessed and lived in anti-Americanism all my life until I was 18.  When I made my own decision to come back out of pure love, I went to a ball game, and it was the first time I had ever put my right hand on my heart when the national anthem played.  Chills still run through my body when I hear the anthem.  Patriotism is very alive, from the guy who came to the USO and said "troops, I salute you" to the ladies that worked making videos of troops reading a book for their children and later sent book and DVD.  Patriotism lives in towns all over America where coffins arrive from the sand and people, strangers, line up on the sides of the street. Patriotism lives in China, where they see the day they can say "we are better than Americans" and that day my friend is coming and then what.  What will you say when bombs rain down on you? What did the non-patriotic British say when bombs rained down on them? or the non-patriotic French when German tanks rolled down Champs Elysees?? YOU ARE WRONG, religion is just one small facet of patriotism.  Patriotism is a set of rules, customs, culture, traditions, and history that unite a people.  I say this without a dictionary. I don't need one, my heart is speaking.  You are wrong and you have no way to prove your concept while I do, I have right here.  You might be very educated, but culture you show none.  It shows you need to get out more.  Visit a school one day, visit a military cemetery, visit a stadium when the national anthem is played, visit ground zero...and you will see patriotism, like it or not. 
Our country is not perfect, far from it.  Politicians are corrupt, lobbyists run it, corporations are ponzi schemes, our schools are suffering and our education lacks the one I got in a 3rd world country, so does engineering and medical fields...but you know what...I still take it before any other country.  Why? because I don't take it fro granted like you do. I worked hard to get where I am, and I was provided opportunities that no other country will give you.
Tell me that there is no patriotism in the US and I will tell you that you are wrong and that you belong elsewhere where you have no opportunities...then my friend, maybe you will feel a little more patriotic.


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