Feminism vs. Video Games (Part 3) - Anita Sarkeesian the Fraud?

Anita Sarkeesian is Not a Real Gamer: (Video by Flying Turkeys)

Feminism vs. Video Games series:

Anita's Sources (Is FeministFrequency using other people's "Let's Plays" without giving credit?)

So Anita Sarkeesian aka FeministFrequency has been caught going back on her word, saying that, even though she had NO interest in video games in 2010, she still claims to be a gamer just so that she could promote her misleading claims on the video game industry. This is not just getting away with a lie, but getting caught with your pants down lying. The fact that the media (for example, CNN, which gave Sarkeesian a platform to discuss her victim card story) has not covered this story yet is amazing. You can only wonder what Anita's excuse will be, if she has any.


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