This Arkansas school superintendent posted about the recent awareness event where people wore purple in order to memorialize the gay teens who've committed suicide recently as a result of bullying... unfortunately, his comments were less than enlightened.

Demand Resignation of Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member
(Thanks StoneTM for the link!)

Arkansas School Official Declares on Facebook He Wants Gays Dead (SheWired)

School Official Wants Gays Dead (The Advocate)

Midland, AR School District Homepage

Arkansas School Boards Association

Arkansas Department of Education

Fire Clint McCance (Facebook group)

The Trevor Project:

"The Gay Thing" - the video Google/WMG didn't want you to see! I tried to upload this video a week or two ago and it was almost immediately yanked for bullshit copyright crap -- this was actually my very first video regarding the gay teen suicides. Technically, *this* video is a follow-up to this one.

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Comment by Kris Potter on October 29, 2010 at 12:24pm
"harrassed to the point of suicide, again essentially murder" Well you lost me with that statement. Harassment in any degree that results in suicide will never be considered murder, to correlate between the two is to simply twist a situation for a political means.
Comment by Ruby Dynamite on October 29, 2010 at 12:42pm
People who drive drunk and hit and kill someone are still very often convicted of murder. Irresponsible behavior resulting in the harm or death of someone else is punished in many other areas of life (malpractice for doctors, for instance) and I think the same should hold true with bullying.


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