Education in ChristPsychosis Infected Universities PRODUCE God Idiots In GOV

Pointing out the #1 danger in America today. The Corrupted Deluded Christian Beliefs taught as TRUTH in Learning Institutions having ROOTS in the Christian P...

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Comment by Trevor Siemens on September 30, 2011 at 4:38pm

I think this guy goes way to far. Quite offensive.

Comment by joshua james on September 30, 2011 at 4:57pm

don't blame him though trev. having to see all the bullshit that happens in the US i'd be quite mad too.

Comment by Calpurnpiso on September 30, 2011 at 8:06pm

Trevor Siemens wrote:

"I think this guy goes way to far. Quite offensive."

Do you think I'm going way too far?..wait till next year. You'll see my warpDrive smashing ChristPsychosis infected imbecillic Zombie Believers making their sick brains explode with Science Facts...they'll Hide when I arrive....I am a mentally healthy, aka TRUE atheist, that will NOT put up with Christian deluded LIES & crap. If they feel offended with the FACT that the BRAIN creates their religious crap & they are sick....the better for me. Truth always hurts.. 

I'm simply the messenger bringing up the TRUTH. The TRUTH will always offend people with defective sensitive brains suffering from schizophrenia, TL epilepsy, bizarre metamagical beliefs at the ROOT of these disorders and also the "politically Correct belief" called Religious Faith. A brain operation will PROVE there is no God.

A lobotomy is guarantee to cure ChristPSychosis, IslamPsychosis and other of the GodBElief psychopathies...even stimulation of the temporal lobes will alter the GodBelief

Don't forget if a person believes the theotarded, ignorant, moronic, stupid, anachronistic bizarre metamagical belies of a resurrected zombie named Jesus Christ that saves with blood, a belief understandable in people of the MIDDLE AGES but no today.
Over 800 yrs ago those folks had NO IDEA they had a BRAIN & was the organ that created their THOUGHTS but TODAY we are in the 21st Century

If the person is educated and believes the Christian bizarre belief nonsense as TRUE, it is ACCURATE to refer to this parson as neurologically impaired ( also retarded, mentally slow, etc).

Only children, the ignorant & uneducated will have an excuse in Believing in GODS ( imaginary friends) in this 21st Century. To children Winnie the Poo is GOD, as is a resurrected zombie named jesusChrist to theotarded Christian demented fools.  Let's tell it like it is PLEASE!

I have change the word retarded to a more accurate one that defines these neurological handicapped folks: THEOTARDED. From:
Theo=God, Imaginary friend and Tardy=Late, behind, slow. Theotarded= A person that due to the Psychosis of GodBElief is BEHIND in the present teachings of science deciding to accept Bullshit of the Middle Ages as true instead. Praying is on indication of the disorder.

There is no difference between the bizarre metamagiocal beliefs of educated, TL epileptics, RETT sufferers, schizophrenics,many are extremely intelligent and those of educated Christianity infected folks i,e Francis Collins who believes resurrected zombies that saves with blood are REAL.

A ChristPsychotic ( the word I created to define ZombieChrist Believers which can be found in the Bible, Matt 27 52:53) is a person that accepts as a down to earth reality that a zombieGod named Jesus the Christ who was THREE PEOPLE, send himself using his spirit HOLY PHALLUS to fertilize the egg of a Jewish maiden creating His FLESH SON that he could OFFER to Himself in sacrifice so the SIN of disobedience committed by the MUDMAN & RIBWOMAN he had created accepted a FRUIT from a TALKING SNAKE.

If you are a TRUE Christian you MUST believe this retarded, anachronistic stupid nonsensical BIZARRE BELIEF is TRUE...then, you MUST go ALL OVER the world to IMPOSE your schizophrenic, irational INTOLERANT CRAZY IMMORAL beliefs on them.usually POOR uneducated people who already have their OWN religiousPsychosis.

Christians are despicable, immoral, sadomasochistic ( yes their virtue and morality comes from a BLEEDING MAN totured on a CROSS, virtues that MUST be taught to children), IGNORANT, folks proud to have an HIV of the brain.
You forget we are in the 21st C not the 12th . I'm not like the coward, meek, pussy educated atheists with their heads stuck in their ass AFRAID to call the theotarded Christians for what they are. CRAZY igno

Comment by Ken Hughes on October 1, 2011 at 12:10pm

Me thinketh he doth complaineth far too much.  Extremism in atheism is as reprehensible as it is in theological pursuits.  I have some very good religious friends that accept me the way I am both in my lack of religious, as well as political and we all cleave to my refusal to discuss religion or politics with friends I want to retain; it's a good practice I heartily recommend to all.


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