This is incredibly hillarious!

John Scotland, the founder of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, behaves like he's extremely drunk. But here's the cool part: he claims to be made that way through the Holy Spirit.

His pentacostal justification includes Jeremiah 23:9: "I am like a drunken man, and like a man whom wine has overcome, because of the Lord and because of the words of his holiness.”

From his website ( ):
"While under this intoxication, the Lord has had me do things and proclaim certain words, which seem foolish to the natural mind. There have been times when I have been preaching and have begun to cry out from the pit of my stomach, 'Hey!' I later discovered that the word 'Hey' is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The number five stands for grace. It is the same letter that the Lord added to Abram's name when He changed it to Abraham. Its literal meaning is 'to invoke God's creative power.'

"Hey, you're a fool." Did I just invoke god's creative power, too?

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