Should non-Christians celebrate Christmas? Yes!

This video is primarily targeting atheists, agnostics, and people of non-Christian faiths who might have reservations about celebrating the Christmas season; however, I hope some Christians will watch this video and perhaps learn a little about WHY they are truly celebrating Christ's birth at this time of year.
Actually, I wanted to make this video last year, but time didn't permit. I've been fed up with the whole "War on Christmas" for a number of years now and I've decided to finally address the true meaning of this season as well as Easter (for good measure). I find it a "tad" hypocritical that Christians proclaim Dec. 25th to have so much spiritual significance to their faith, while decorating Christmas trees, hanging stockings, and giving presents to one another.

History is indeed written by the victors, and that's exactly what the Holy Roman Empire did as they dominated Europe and eradicated and/or assimilated Pagan traditions into the Christian faith. I am not saying Jesus was fictitious (that would be another video), but "if" he was a real historical figure he certainly wasn't born on December 25th and the entire imagery that surrounds this day has nothing to do with honoring Christ and everything to do with celebrating the Winter Solstice.

Through my efforts in producing this video I've learned a little bit more about the Equinox and the Solstice, as well as the close association between the mythical Sun Gods/Jesus Christ, and I hope viewer will find this to be educational as well. I want to show as atheists and people belonging to non-Christian faiths, we should not be put off from celebrating Christmas, for we have far more right to this holiday than the Christians that stole it from the Pagans and slapped their name on this entire season.

Note, I wanted to devote more time to exploring the rituals of Saturnalia and the symbolism behind other pagan customs that made their way into Christmas tradition, such as history behind the use of mistletoe, gift giving, the eating of ham, lighting of candles, and so on. I also had a really good section written about the history and development of Santa Clause; however, I had to cut it short, since the video would have been 30 or 40 minutes with all the material I planned on covering.

Maybe next year I can make a follow up video, but for now I wanted to send a message to non-Christians that it's OK to celebrate Christmas, no matter what beliefs you hold. The Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox are celebrations of the Earth, upon which everyone lives, and no particular group of people/religion has the right to claim these events as their own.


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