Blind Intellectual Atheists vs Mentally Impaired Christians & God Believers

Presenting the NEUROSCIENCE FACT intellectual atheists don't seems to see. The Brain is what produces the Bizarre Metamagical Beliefs at the Root of ALL reli...

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Comment by sway austin on January 24, 2012 at 5:04am

And then there's this guy.....

Comment by dragotron on January 24, 2012 at 5:38am
wow... Calpurnpiso.... You aren't helping the cause here. You're just being a dick.Which is fine by me as long as you're presenting some original information or evidence. You're not. Instead you're making false claims.

Schizophrenia is a chemical imbalance. Religious beliefs (as irrational as they may be) are taught.. Please... try not to be so condescending and lacking of compassion. You come across as bitter...

Be positive, friendly, share information you've learned. It will serve you better.
Comment by Eric Redekop on January 25, 2012 at 7:04am

This is turning the "Hitler was an atheist" on its head. It may be true that religious folks are deluded, perhaps even neurotic, but please--let's leave it to science to determine whether their condition is an actual psychological malady. Evidence, please.

Comment by Kilana Malakina on January 30, 2012 at 9:34pm

This guy has a brain???

Comment by Calpurnpiso on January 30, 2012 at 11:43pm

Eric wrote:

"let's leave it to science to determine whether their condition is an actual psychological malady. Evidence, please."

I think my video speaks for itself & all with the evidence ( based on science & neuroscientists) to back it up..after all what more evidence  do you want for me to bring up to prove the brain is the creator of thoughts? . I suggest an education & learn from Sapolsky, Ramachandran Urgesi & other NEUROSCIENTISTS and many of them who define religion as organized schizophrenia .
Please submit to an operation of the locus coeruleus to prove it to you..remember, facts talk bullshit walks. If YOU are educated & believe in a resurrected zombie that saves with blood who resurrected, in this 21st Century you are reasoning NO different to an schizophrenic to TL epilepsy. Please study neurology...don't forget you were product of a fuck, born lacking belief ( atheist) so, belief in imaginary friends (gods) at the ROOT of ALL religions is sign of schizophrenia.
For you to be correct, you MUST prove to me that the Bizarre Metamagical Beliefs in ReligiousFaith are DIFFERENT to those of schizotypy, TL epilepsy etc..
I see you have not heard of the Jerusalem SYNDROME eh?
Obviously you are ignorant of what the word Syndrome means. Religion is simply organized schizophrenia. I suggest you visit the City Of Nuts ( Jerusalem) to understand what I'm talking about...or go to the European City of Nuts ( Vatican)

Do you think all of those people that believe in resurrecting zombies in their 21st Centurey are SANE & do not have a neurological malfunction? The fact is TRAUMA to the BRAIN can produce "spirituality" which is the acceptance of imaginary entities which are delusions, as TANGIBLE REALITY. It is a fact a LOBOTROMY will cure, ChristPsychsosis, IslamPsychosis, HinduPsychosis and any other anomaly where Irrational Ethereal Concepts are perceived by the BRAIN as reality...lte me give you some Datura Flowers & ergot mixture, and see what happens..if you remain SANE & unaffected then I'll stand corrected & EAT my words..
Do you think your cognition & BELIEF or Lack thereof would be unnafected by trauma?  Sorry but I think you are blind like many scholar atheist are as per my video, if you think the reasoning of the GodPsychotics is DIFFERENT to those suffering from Schizotypy or other Bizarre FALSE beliefs accepting Mental disorders. Here is another example of ReligiousBelief = Psychosis.

Just trauma to the brain will make you BELIEVE in spirits and other mumbo jumbo like any retarded idiot or schizophrenic,drug user:

Accept it. if you believe in ZombieJesus you are no different to those who believe in flying horses taken a prophet on a tour of heaven guided by angel Gabriel..ROTFLMAO...I know you believe those ReligiousPsychotics are SANE...

Religion is simply organized schizophrenia...please visit mental health clinics & discuss anything with an educated intellectual SCHIZOPHRENIC.. I have...Then you'll have a clue what I'm saying...People of faith are people of Schizotypy..only children and the ignorant have an excuse.

It amazes me that you would believe an educated adult prays to Santa, tooth faulty & guardian angles this person has NOTHING wrong with his brain and is sane...remember the same applies to educated people that believe in resurrecting Zombie that save with blood, souls, sin,talking snakes & spirits..,,keep in mind this is the 21st Century not the we KNOW the BRAIN is the creator of THINKING, the MIND, not the HEART....

Do you still say to your girlfriend: I love you with all my heart, like ALL ChristPsychotics do?

I bet you have no idea WHERE this idea came from. The correct way is I love you with all my BRAIN...the he


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