Atheist Scientists SILENT about Pope Francis & ChristPsychosis 031513

Educating mentally healthy aka ATHEIST Scientists with the origin of the deluded PAPACY, a Schizophrenia like Zombie God Belief (ChristPsychosis) & the FACT ...

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Comment by Calpurnpiso on March 18, 2013 at 8:25pm

Julius Caesar was declared a GOD & markAnthony his Priest ( there were MANY gods in the vast Empire with the senate in control of the Religion. Caesar was seen by the vast Roman Empire as Son of Venus, his title was that of head Priest, father, Redeemer, Great builder of Bridges Messiah etc.. In Greek his Messiah Title is Archiereus Megistus..which mutated centuries later into jesusChris. His killing by the evil Senate (personified as Satan) on march 15th 44bce, initiated Judaism ( its many sects), Christianity(its many sects) & Islam(its many sects). This is the Vatican, Papacy today. Crazy deluded idiots stuck in the 4th Century. The BRAIN is the creator of thought.

Bizarre metamagical beliefs are at the CORE of ALL religions beliefs and also at the CORE of many neurological disorders as Schizophrenia, where Imaginary Friends are accepted as reality.

Religion is organized schizophrenia, easily proven in a neurology lab. 

My point is that mentally healthy aka atheist ( no belief in deluded God Crap demented Bullshit) don't CONNECT the deluded crazy demented schizophrenic beliefs of the religious for the mental disorder it is..They ought to learn neurology, ancient history & origin of languages since they are 8,000 spoken in this planet.

Scientist seem to forget "tempura mutantur nos et mutamur in illis " Times change and we change with them...iow everything EVOLVES...                                                                         .  Calp


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