First part in "An Atheist Answers Religious Questions" series. An introduction to Atheism, and Freethought. You can download the entire 35 minute video from


Part 1
1 Intro & What is an Atheist?
2 Don't you Atheists worship Satan?
3 Why Don't you believe in God?

Part 2
1 Prove that God does not exists.
2 But everyone believes in God, why don't you?
3 Why not "just believe in God" anyway? (Pascal's Wager)
4 What DO you believe?
(one example of an Atheist 10 Commandments)
5 Well, where did the Universe come from?

Part 3
1 But millions of believers can't be wrong.
2 What's the point of Living?
3 Doesn't being an Atheist cheapen life.
4 You must be forgiven for your sins, but You can't go to Jesus for forgiveness.

Part 4
1 Don't you believe in the Garden of Eden?
(Original Sin.)
2 If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys around?
3 But there are some things that science can't explain!
4 How can you trust Science since it's always changing
What it says
5 Christian morals are founded on the Bible, how can you be
Moral if you don't believe in the Bible?
6 How can you not believe in the Resurrection of Jesus?
& a Look at the logic of Jesus' Death for our sins.

Part 5
1 What have you got against religion?

Part 6
1 How can you say there is no God. I personally feel His power
In Church.
2 Don't you believe in an immortal soul?
3 Don't you wish you could go to heaven?
4 But America was founded on Christianity, wasn't it?
5 Why did you write these pages?

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Comment by Larry Rhodes on February 7, 2012 at 8:14am

Thanks, Kevin!  So very glad to hear they helped!


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