I make fanvideos for my favorite TV shows like Glee too. But this isn't my video. I just thought it needed to be shared here. Natalia (cocoaluvs) wrote this wonderful description to go along with her video:

"All these people think they know
what's missing from my show.
Just admit that Jesus died for me.
Take your bibles and go home.
And as I'm walking through this life,
I know that things aren't right.
I don't know how to fill the holes.
I keep falling in along the way.
No matter what they say,
no one has it figured out."

I don't usually write lyrics in my description, but this song, and this storyline, is exactly how I feel. I just wanted to get it out there.
I know there are going to be some haters. I'm prepared for it, but I'm still gonna ask you to please be respectful. I'm not trying to shove my beliefs down your throat, just asking that people stop shoving theirs down mine(it only makes me dislike religion more). Now I'm not going to go off on a tangent about religions, so I'll just leave it where it is.
I just think Kurt says it best when he says, "You all can believe whatever you want to. I can't believe something I don't."

Also, please don't say the name of the fandom in the comments.

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