School Menu: Halal or Halal? This is scary :(

Some are suggesting that we write to and/or boycott organisations and businesses that use or sell halal meat...

1. See for a list halal restaurants & products near you!

2. Subway

UK & Ireland Head Office
Subway Realty Limited
Chaston House
Mill Court
Hinton Way
Great Shelford
CB22 5LD
Tel: 01223 550820

Our school children baving to eat halal school meals? Never! Well, think again. Just follow what's happening in LEA's around the country. You might pay particular attention to places like Kentish Town...

Maybe you would like to drop a line of support to:

The Muslim Council of Britain
CB - PO Box 57330, London E1 2WJ

Ed Balls (Secretary of State for Children, School and Families)

If you want to read this exciting MCB document for yourselves:

oh, and by the way, why not email me some of your own links which can update our viewers on just how much of this 2007 MCB report has already started to be enacted in our State Schools?

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Comment by Christy on October 27, 2008 at 3:30am
oh wow...
Comment by Elysian6 on January 18, 2009 at 3:24pm
I don't see why this is so epically scary. The Halal thing, for example: what's so wrong with non-muslim kids eating halal food? Chances are they eat Halal Jewish food all the time already (Have you every seen a small "h" or "k" in a circle on the packaging of food? That mean's it's Jewish halal).

In fact, the secular definition of halal simply means that it's more sanitary - greater precautions have been taken to ensure the food is not rotten or bad (rules for halal were established in a time where there were not refrigerators - for example - in which to store meat, which is why Jews can't eat pig - unrefrigerated pig meat = mucho bad ju-ju)


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