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At 12:31pm on October 4, 2013, Warren said…

I'm not sure I'm qualified to join this singles group. I married in 1989, five years ago we went to a mediator for a separation agreement, I've been living alone for 5 years, we have two kids so we are still in contact. She's been dating and now has a engagement ring from someone. I should be looking around myself. Should I join?

At 5:54pm on April 25, 2011, Dennis Paul Renner said…
Hope your having a great day.
At 3:27pm on March 31, 2011, greengeekgirl said…
Doh--I accidentally joined the Single Atheists group (was reading through a thread and wanted to reply to someone, didn't see what the actual group name was!)

I'm guessing joins are moderated since I don't see it in my groups, please just ignore my request! ^_^
At 11:22am on February 18, 2011, Jonel Burge said…

Eh, I joined it on a whim, mostly. I have had horrible luck over at Atheist Nexus at the singles group, with any conversation not revolving around how much dudes hate "shallow chicks" and how only fat chicks talk to them(sigh) and I've tried to point out various flaws in worrying only about looks when it comes to an already-limited dating pool, but I simply get ignored. It's basically become a group for men to air their grievances about 'wimmins' and complain about being single forever.

I have actually settled for a companion that is a catholic, but I still know what it's like to be single and how to find dates, so I guess I should post too.

At 5:45pm on January 12, 2011, justin gold gave Sydni Moser a gift
Welcome back = )
At 1:04pm on December 17, 2010, Christopher McGuire said…

Get well soon, Sydni! :)

At 10:15am on November 29, 2010, Meghan V! said…
Thank you for the welcome. I am indeed a member of the Ithaca meetup group. In fact, I believe we first corresponded when I sent a welcome to you ;D

I have not been very active due to a busy semester, but I will attend many more meetups during the winter and spring. Is Allegra your daughter?
At 4:39pm on November 20, 2010, justin gold said…
Hi sydni,I just have to ask,do you like the peach or not?as that girl in the video, zom something or other I cant remember her YouTube name at the moment is pro xxxthepeachxxx and is a fan,but with that slut title I was wondering where you stood on it.= )
At 1:46pm on November 18, 2010, Misty: Baytheist Living! said…
Go here when you have a moment. This is silly and just for fun. Don't forget to tag three other people and post this message on their profile pages, too.
At 8:59pm on November 11, 2010, Misty: Baytheist Living! said…
Heya Syd-
I hope you had a great autumn holiday season!
I just wanted to leave you a little note to say hi!
Hope you're well.

I've "discovered" a pretty fantastic pumpkin curry recipe that would be really good with eggplant or tofu or something in there for you (chicken for me!) I'll send it along if you like. It's actually a really amazing dish. Perfect consistency...not a strong hint of pumpkin because the cumin and coriander powder sort of overwhelm it, so it's surprisingly close to masala tasting.
What do you have in the works? Anything good?
At 2:59pm on November 9, 2010, Gaytor said…
I'll watch it tonight. I'm spending too much time not being productive for work. Thanks for the link!
At 2:09pm on October 22, 2010, Buck O'Roon said…

I hope you enjoyed the new story. I have run up against a rather busy month, but still hope to post two more tales of my native Paskaloochee before Halloween arrives.

At 1:19pm on October 11, 2010, Buck O'Roon said…
Rest assured, Sydni, I am still here and plan to stay. I have simply been busy with another writing project, which is rather taxing on my schedule. That said, I do have a couple of short stories I will be posting soon, both of which deal with death, which seems appropriate to the season. As for the ghost story you suggested, I have something in mind, but have not yet written it. However, I feel confident I can finish it before Halloween rolls around.

At 11:06am on October 11, 2010, Michael de Vere said…
Ha! 30 minutes here and I'm already creating a group. I guess I'll have to stay around now. :-)
At 10:19am on October 11, 2010, Michael de Vere said…
Like I need another home! Actually, I do need to get away from the timesuck of facebook, but I'm not so sure another social networking site is actually a cure. :-) Thanks again for the invite!
At 6:18pm on October 2, 2010, Buck O'Roon said…
Thank you, Sydni. I write for several hours nearly everyday, though I have been busy as of late with other non-blog projects. I am doing my best to put aside quite a bit of time this month to post on the subject of death. Stay tuned.
At 2:47pm on October 2, 2010, Buck O'Roon said…
Thank you for the Add, Sydni. I am glad you enjoy my writing and look forward to reading yours. My main blog, "Losing It In Public", is available via WordPress – – though I usually repost to ThinkAtheist if I feel the subject matter is appropriate.

At 2:34pm on September 29, 2010, Michael Sizer-Watt said…
Hey Sydni, thanks for jumping in to support my post. I think I'm bowing out now before I get heated. I simply don't understand how some people can have such different ways of seeing what is (IMO) as blatently obvious as can be. I dunno, I'd don't get it.
At 9:26pm on September 23, 2010, Misty: Baytheist Living! said…
HOW on earth did that happen?
At 12:21pm on September 22, 2010, Gaytor said…
This is the one that she got. 14 mp 14x zoom, 30 fps vid, tons of fun gimmicks like color isolation, wall eye, miniaturization, etc. My five year old work compact seems like it only has an on and off switch now.

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