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At 12:26am on August 20, 2013, H3xx said…

It's an accelerated program, 4 classes in one semester. Yes we will be writing our own vows, but they will contain promises one would make to a sworn brother as well as a lover. Because we are just that. Best friends, Brothers, and Lovers. He is my equal and other half, and I love him with all my heart.

At 2:53pm on August 17, 2013, Strega said…

Interestingly, comparing catholicism to other religions on an atheist forum, is like discussing what colour the baubles should be on a non-existent tree.

At 9:22pm on August 16, 2013, Strega said…

Ah, I posted that I doubted setting his blog to 'approval' was going to do much for his street cred.  I think he saw the point :)

At 8:16pm on August 16, 2013, Strega said…

Well, I'm cackling away here - you must have got under poor Bob's skin, laughs he has re-set his Pope thread to pre-approve comments before they are posted!  Is that not too ironic for words?

At 11:51pm on August 14, 2013, H3xx said…

Right now I'm focused on getting through my AutoCAD classes and getting a good job. Then I'm going to sponsor his move to the US and we'll go from there. This might take a year or more, and if Texas does a complete 180 on it's marriage views, that'll be great, otherwise, the nearest state we could go to would be Iowa, and I'd have to get in touch with a wedding planner or coordinator and find a suitable venue. I'd like to get a Renaissance Faire so I don't have to go through the trouble of finding people to come, but those usually have packages that don't allow for deviations, and they're usually very cookie cutter. I have something very specific in mind. And my husband to be has some very specific armor he wants to wear, not costume grade either.

At 11:09am on August 5, 2013, Strega said…

That is excellent evidence.  Don't just link it - copy and paste some of the children's comments - you know he can't click links that rattle his cognitive dissonance.

At 1:11am on August 5, 2013, Strega said…

Grin - he's a creep, but I was going to find a damn site if it killed me.  Soon as I realised I should search paedo rather than pedo, it was all there.  Now Arch has quoted extensively fro the link I gave and SteveInCo is on to him too.  He is the slimy type.  We can't win, because what's the prize?  Bob as an atheist?  ugh.  Your posts are great, but he will wriggle because he has to.  What a vile specimen of a human!  Makes you glad we aren't associated with him.

At 8:07pm on August 4, 2013, Strega said…

I know Suzanne.  I felt the same last night.  I really do know. 

Remember that if you drag a white glove through a muddy pool, it's never the mud that gets glovey.  I was close to vomiting over my last post, and I don't want to deal with his response.  I'm leaving that to Kris and H3xx.  He is the seedy epitome of exactly what he represents. 

At 8:16pm on August 1, 2013, Strega said…

I'm assuming you mean this blank entry.  Ning did an update to their software two days ago, suspending site access.  Since then a few weird anomalies seem to have occurred.  Hawk posted that a flood of Facebook TA posts appeared, that dated back a couple of years.  Unfortunately there isn't a way to capture text lost in the ether.  Very frustrating, particularly as you post such thoughtful posts.  Fortunately it doesn't happen often.  If I write a long post, just before I hit 'submit, I highlight it and hit 'copy'.  It's saved me once, but that was still worth it for me.

Thanks for liking my page - they are the Seven Deadly Sins, grin....

At 1:25pm on May 22, 2013, Strega said…

Thanks for that link - what an interesting article! 

At 2:30pm on April 6, 2013, Hope said…

Hello Suzanne, I received your last message..

I'll contact you via email then.

Take care.


At 10:06am on April 6, 2013, Hope said…

I have no idea about the Four Corners but, it sounds interesting.

Although I'm not that knowledgeable about Afghanistan but, I will have to watch that documentary.. It sounds interesting.. I'll tell you what I think!

Thanks for messaging me,, Feel free to contact me on twitter @ohopo

At 8:38am on March 26, 2013, G said…

Hmm.I understand.Nevermind for my english.I'm not erudite in english.

At 8:20am on March 26, 2013, G said…

Why your partner say ad nauseam to the Indian Atheists  ?

At 7:27am on March 26, 2013, G said…

I like your comment.But single is the best option there have self-sufficient there have no headache there have no tension.

At 7:24pm on January 24, 2013, Sarah Jane Hall said…

Hey thanks for adding me

At 8:14pm on December 4, 2012, Andre Rabie said…

I'm a Soto Zen Buddhist, specific sect different from the others in that it is an order of Japanese Buddhism which doesn't believe in reincarnation or anything spiritual, I'm not a vegetarian,  which means we concentrate more on concentration meditation counting your breath, which you can do before you go to bed instead of counting sheep. I can teach you! this much about it. Reincarnation happens every second because every second is new and you have been granted the same body and a chance to live life again. I donno enough about it to defend it but I think you're talking about Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, religions merge with the ones before them like many pagan rituals are in Christianity. Or they take a local flavor. I consider myself an Atheist, in that if there IS a god I don't wanna follow the rules, I wanna rebel, I'll read your links as soon as I can.

At 7:32am on November 28, 2012, Pac Hybrid said…

I Don't Wear Glasses But Now A Days My Eyes Are Paining Likely I Think I Should Wear Glasses.....Intelligent I Am Quite Enough

At 7:02am on November 28, 2012, Pac Hybrid said…

Thanks For The Friend Request


At 3:17am on October 6, 2012, Hathal Alqassab said…

Many thanks for the add. 


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