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At 10:16am on February 19, 2014, Ed said…

Glad to hear from ya Arch! Your participation on TA is always appreciated. Have a good day..... Ed

At 7:03pm on January 3, 2014, _Robert_ said…

good to see ya back arch

At 8:41am on October 18, 2013, ɐuɐz ǝllǝıuɐp said…

Thanks ^_^

At 6:51pm on July 16, 2013, Tom Sarbeck said…

Hm-mm, are you the archaeopteryx fossil?

At 6:49pm on July 16, 2013, Tom Sarbeck said…

arch, your posts have shown me that you are a worthy debater.

Your googling my name will tell you much about me, even where I live. My googling your name? I will send this comment and try it.

At 8:09pm on July 2, 2013, Hope said…

Hello, just dropping by to say hi,, long time no see,, hope everything is fine with you =)

At 8:38pm on June 10, 2013, Lita said…

I did the same thing Kairan did about the friend request & link. Would you mind to share it with me one more time please?

At 4:11pm on May 29, 2013, Rick Yost said…

Ha! Political aspirations are for those good at pleasing people. I'm not real good at that.
Thanks for the kind words tho

At 5:38pm on May 6, 2013, Sophie said…

What do you mean it reached stumble?

At 11:51pm on April 4, 2013, Kairan Nierde said…

Hey, thanks for the friend request and providing the link! Could you send it again in a message? I was so tired today that I clicked accept the friend request before copying the link...awesome, right?

At 9:33pm on March 15, 2013, MikeLong said…

Had a poke around. A very attractive and well designed site.

I think part of the problem is my reading speed. I am such a slow reader that I am VERY selective about where I choose to invest my reading time.

I used the wrong word earlier. I (wrongly) said "ambivalent" (=uncommitted). I really meant to say "apathetic" (=strongly committed to not giving a shit what's in the Bible) - so much so that as soon as I see the word "thy" (or similar archaic words), I immediately turn away.

Thanks again.

At 7:16pm on March 15, 2013, MikeLong said…

Hi, thanks for the friend request, and the link to your site. I'm unlikely to use it, though. I seem to have a rather singular ambivalence toward the Bible. But if I have a question, I'll post it on TA and maybe get lucky enough for you to field it.

At 4:58am on February 14, 2013, Claire Couch said…

Kings, something.  Jezebel.  She brings in 450 Baal priests, and also brings 400 priests of the grove, or something...  Um, what is the priest of the grove, historically. 

At 9:11am on February 13, 2013, Claire Couch said…

Hi, thanks for the friend request, and the link to your site.  Sorry if my response took a bit, I don't always check in here every day (or every week, depending on how hectic life gets).

At 2:15am on October 15, 2012, Tom Sarbeck said…

archaeopteryx, much software has what we programmers called undocumented capabilities, a fancy name for bugs.

My netbook's keyboard has a CTRL key where my other computer's keyboard has a SHIFT key. Intending to uppercase a letter, I hit the CTRL key and the words I'd typed disappeared.

Thank you for telling me where they went. I was intending to add a remark that Romney has no concern for people such as the Japanese who were vaporized, so the key combination CTRL-R might have sent my words away.

At 6:26pm on October 13, 2012, Strega said…

I'm gutted.  No rat nookie after all.  Bugger!

At 7:44pm on September 6, 2012, Scott Benton said…

Thanks for reaching out to me, archaeopteryx!  What woke you up from religion?

At 2:09am on August 15, 2012, James Cox said…

Dear Arch:

Good to hear from you.

The 'dabble in electricity'.

About 5 years ago there was an interesting OPB science documentary concerning the experimentation with some 'near fringe' ideas. One was concerning using bacteria to generate  DC power. That demo was using the early single chamber, air cathode, mud cell, that uses a mixed anaerobic bacteria culture from river sediments, that can transfer free electrons(from the cellular electron transfer chain) to a conductor.

I puttered with the idea for a few years, reading much of the literature, fabricating different conductive composites, and finally building a small test cell to see if I understood the theory and design issues. My first cell output maxed out at 218 mV and .5mA, over 33 days of operation. If you are interested, I have a FB page 'Microbial Fuelcell Design'. The FB page has pix, papers, and soon a Powerpoint presentation. These fuel cells use biomass as the fuel source.

Take Care,



At 1:02pm on August 14, 2012, James Cox said…

I hope by befriending me, that I will not add to your troubles. I hope my humor only brightens your day, and lightens the heart.

At 2:34am on August 12, 2012, Richard E. Robertson said…

Sorry, just found this message or I'd have replied sooner. Yes I have been as far as I know.  I was up until 2 am working on client stuff, then got up early to help with a voter-registration drive for 4 hours outside. Was rather draining actually.

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