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At 7:34pm on May 20, 2011, Reg The Fronkey Farmer said…
Sorry man not sure what the reference is to. You mean the comic? :-) No have not read it.
At 8:34pm on April 12, 2009, Sniz said…
Sorry Scaddie! I have been sooo busy with school and work and haven't had much free time. I'll try to make more time though, because I miss you guys.
At 10:19am on April 5, 2009, KB said…
M1151 HMMWV "Humvee"
At 12:53am on April 2, 2009, TheKillingCurse said…
You are right there are too many cam sites on the world wide web.
At 3:52am on March 27, 2009, Kristen said…
Awww, thanks! Molly Shannon is cool. Wish I were her! I love my profile pic though. On facebook I put the caption, "I swear it was the biggest dildo I've ever seen!"
At 11:56pm on March 22, 2009, Sniz said…
scaddy!! whats up?
At 6:05pm on March 15, 2009, Paul Fryer said…
I've never hear of him, but I'll definitely check his music out . . . I'll let you know, any of his work you particually recommend?
At 8:02am on March 15, 2009, Paul Fryer said…
Thanks for the comment Scadilla, it really means a lot. Much love and peace
At 12:12pm on March 10, 2009, Mandi said…
Hi :)
At 6:41pm on March 7, 2009, Flip said…
well that's quite easy to do...
although the Mexican and US has been trying to ID and pull the corrupt generals
it's very easy to corrupt more... and if you pay off the foot solders leaders
you need not pay off the little guys.

all in all, it's a mess
I don't want to think about what would happen if Mexico "went south".
Blame the HUGE Billions of dollars black market created by the WoD.
At 2:11pm on March 7, 2009, Flip said…
Yeah, and we're the only ones that seem to actually know about it on this side of the border.
It's a actual possibility that the Mexican Government may fall completely - to be replaced by the warring cartels.
I've just read that by the US Governments own estimates the cartels have about 100,000 foot solders
compared to the Mexican governments 130,000.
That's more than enough to take them down.

All thanks to the failed American War on Drugs.
if they were to legalize some things, in different difficult to abuse forms
it would pull the multi billion rug out from under the cartels, provide tax cash here
and create a controlled environment for those that wish to partake.

Not to mention, stop governmental corruption, police corruption, destruction of the rain forest,
our temperate forests and improve peoples lives.

what will it take for things to change?
At 2:23am on February 22, 2009, Laura said…
At 11:52am on February 21, 2009, Sniz said…
that is so sweet! i dunno when i would have the time or patience to knit all that out, but who knows....
At 8:33pm on February 19, 2009, Morgan said…
making the tutorial page demo thing :D
At 1:59pm on February 19, 2009, RxKristin said…
I just have an enormous amount of respect for them.
Beautiful animals really
At 1:26pm on February 18, 2009, RxKristin said…
Hey, thanks for the comment.

OH MY GOD do you have a snake?
I'm jealous
At 1:57pm on February 15, 2009, M said…
naw, i was just kidding, i love les Etats Unis :)
At 10:06am on February 12, 2009, Sniz said…
Hehe yeah I know! I'm in the big leagues now! You sure you wont tell me what color scarf you want...
At 1:57pm on February 6, 2009, Pixy Giggles said…
Thanks for the welcome!My preferred nickname is Trish, though, for future reference. ;P
At 6:44pm on February 4, 2009, Elias said…
So what have you been up to man? its been a long time since we have hung out.


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