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At 7:26pm on April 6, 2010, Atheist Exile said…
Hi Luna,

Thanks for the hello. It's always nice to find pinays here.

I'll be sending you a private message, in a few seconds, about your profile page.
At 5:45am on April 13, 2009, Harold Eso said…
..akoy natutuwa sa iyong magandang pagtugon sa aking pakiusap sa iyo binibining Nica.. akoy nagagalak na mapabilang sa iyong mga kaibigan..Maraming salamat sa iyong kabutihang loob aking mahal na kababayan..
At 12:35am on April 12, 2009, Harold Eso said…
...isang mahalimuyak na arw ang sayo ay bumabati.. ako sna ay iyong isama sa listahan ng yong mga kaibigan..ako nawa ay pagbgyan..salamat.
At 2:37pm on March 11, 2009, Katie said…
Happy belated birthday! We also share a b-day with Osama bin Laden, so ... trump card.
At 10:34am on February 7, 2009, Roospy said…
Cheers Nica, I've got more to upload but that's what I've got so far :)
At 12:12pm on January 24, 2009, chiz said…
Thanks for the add!
At 5:06am on January 21, 2009, Gina said…
Thanks alot :) :D :)
At 6:17pm on January 12, 2009, Mai said…
Hey thanks!
hows it going?
At 8:14pm on January 10, 2009, Dinah said…
good morning dear! =) btw, i just read your story in the group. Yeah i went to a catholic school as well before but none of us are catholic HAHA so.. i think my parents put me in that school because it was number 1 school in my town at that time. i rarely went to masses and all those, and i never went to a confession, but.. what the pastor told u to do after ur question was sooo unsatisfactory, and disappointing. it's like he just wants u to believe in god no matter what. that's very.. i dunno.. hahaha well, trust me, u can't force to believe in something u dun believe. well believe it or not, when i was 16 i dunno why but i wanted to become a nun HAHA ok.. but the reason was not to pray but to get rid from social interaction with the world i guess. but yeah, well, my parents know that i dun believe in god and we sometimes have little jokes about religion and they are understanding. im not sure how ur family will take if they know.. but stand up for what u believe. maybe not to force so much, but just have ur own opinion, nobody can change it =)
At 12:09am on January 10, 2009, Dinah said…
hey sweetie! =) thank you! =) you have very lovely pictures there too ;) awesome! well i've been to europe, parts of asia, america, canada, but i havent been to phillipines, so it will be next! hahaha... yay! =D yup when i go there, we'll hang out together ;) we'll have so much fun! and btw i heard that our language is kinda similar, some words? =) awesome! i lovvve historical places =)

allright i will look later =) i love stories... =) well my family dun believe in god but we all put christians as our religion in the resident card lol =P yup.. oh really?? yeah well i think that we all look alike, dun u think? =)

btw do u have msn? =)
At 1:45pm on January 9, 2009, Erica said…
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It was very nice of you.
At 10:52am on January 9, 2009, Dave G said…
At 3:02am on January 9, 2009, Dinah said…
thanks sweetie... =) wow i would love to visit Phillipines in the future! =) one of my hobbies is travelling hehe =) hmmm yeah our government corrupts as well, lead us to illiteracy and beggars are everywhere =( very sad, i hope that they would change and think what they have done all these years, people are all suffering here, the rich one is super rich and the poor one is very poor =( indonesia is a religion country, we have to own a religion or otherwise people thought we are communist and got rid of this country =( indonesia is anti communist.. so... even though i never go to church, i put myself as christian in the resident card, haha but my family and i don't go to church, so i think it's a waste of time... =) how about you? how long have u been atheist? =) tell me about it! =) i would love to hear some stories from you... =)
At 12:23am on January 9, 2009, Dinah said…
hey girl! how are you? =) how's phillipines? =) im from indonesia... =) i love your layout! it rox! ;) i read ur profile, it interests me greatly, i have more or less the same issue as yours, but im not listening to fanatic christian friends who are around me, not anymore! =) btw love ur pictures! =) awesomeness!
At 11:59pm on January 8, 2009, Aric said…
I just basically dealt with it. There wasn't much else I could do other than pretend to believe in god and I wasn't going to do that. Some of my friends have become okay with it but most of them are still mad at me. Fortunately, I have new friends who understand me. :) My family has been pretty accepting. My dad is agnostic so it was easy for him to accept. My mom is a christian but shes accepted the fact that I'm an atheist and is ok with it now.
At 12:51pm on January 8, 2009, Frink said…
Oh, not at all, your questions are fine. And no, I haven't baptized them, nor do I intend to. My mother-in-law keeps trying to get me to, and I keep refusing. I don't think the ceremony means anything, so if it happens it's not like anything will come of it. I don't intend to raise my kids as religious, so this is more of a principled stand than anything.
At 12:04pm on January 8, 2009, Derek said…
Long story short. I like to climb things, and was given the name mostly by friends long ago. It stuck and I still have friends that call me Monkey when then need to get my attention. Plus, who doesn't like monkies?
At 10:07am on January 8, 2009, Derek said…
Just to respond to your post of Coming out Godless. If the people you are surrounded by are ultra religeous it will be hard to actually come out. I'm in a simliar situation, as I became more Athiest the rest of my family became more religeous. My solution was to avoid the topic for a while. I know my family knows I'm Athiest and they know my views, but since I haven't changed as a person they accept me for who I am.

Of course that is the way I delt with things.. If I were to go through it all again, I would most likely do things differently. I know I have told my parents that I would like to be able to believe, but that I just am not capable of it without proof.
At 12:13am on January 8, 2009, Frink said…
We haven't really gotten to that point yet. My oldest is 18 months old, and my youngest is due to be born in about a month. If they have questions I will answer them, but I do intend on teaching them about various religions and telling them what is wrong with them as a way to teach him to think critically and question everything.
At 11:59pm on January 7, 2009, Aric said…
Yes, I think we are in very similar situations. I used to go to a Christian school where we had to pray everyday and learned about religion rather than important stuff like science and history. I eventually left there before it corrupted me. When I told my friends that I didn't believe in god many of them quit talking to me and some even said that I was going to go to hell. I understand what you're going through and I know that it can be difficult. If you need someone to talk to I'm always here. :)


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